What does the Fox really say

The Fox, what does he really say?

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Virtual video: How the Fox actually does sound

" These are the first few words of God's knowledge, the "The Fox", a track by Ylvis, a cabaret act from Norway, which was published this weekend and has since become virtual. What kind of racket does the Titulartier make? Here Ylvis is taking some freedom regarding "what the fox says", incl. sounds that are hard to transliterate, but also "wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!

" The most frequent fox in the hemisphere, the volpes volpe, have a great diversity of vocalisations, with up to 20 different reputations, according to how they are defined, said Stephen Harris, a student of vocalisation biology at the University of Bristol, England. You use these phone conversations to find partners, engage with your rival, and talk within your group.

This" bloodthirsty" call "sounds a little like murder," he said. "They' re looking for the best fox to breed with," Harris said. The" cry" can also be used by men and at other periods by women. Once in the 70's Harris followed a fox through a graveyard and got rid of the beast - it was a very bad and chilly one.

Fences also generally bay, which is generally used as a different kind of contacts call to get out to boyfriends or foes, Harris said. Its rind is similar to that of a canine, but slightly higher and sometimes strident. Harris added that research on other chestnuts shows that they can recognise themselves from their reputations, which is not so unexpected.

They also radiate a multitude of whining and squeaking, which can have different meaning depending on the fox's contexts and expression. However, chestnuts squeak when they are upset, Harris said. "As well as snarling, a fox can also make a laryngeal noise in the back of its larynx, known as"'clicketing,'" which usually occurs during the breeding period, Harris said.

"He added, "We don't know exactly what it means. And as the hymn remarks, the distinctive sound of other creatures is better known or at least encoded in a recognisable kind of onomatopoesis such as "Wuff" or "Miau". Obviously, it is difficult to put foxes into words. It' not exactly simple to describe a cry.

" They are also savage creatures and have not been as successfully domesticized as wolf hounds, making them less intimate to former human beings who first invented words to describe the noises of other beasts. "When you' re following a single fox at midnight, most evenings won't make a phone call at all, or he'll be very soft," Harris said.

"Fences are moderate calm creatures. "And, last but not least, despite different voices, chestnuts still communicates more with smells and do not make so often sounds.

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