What does my Muse mean

So what does my muse mean?

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Who is a "muse"?

It' someone who will inspire you to do things - to do better, to be successful. Museums were initially Greek goddesses who were the inspiration of writers, performers, musicians, performers, etc. Museum comes from the Museums - it included a collection of works of art that have been influenced by them. If someone called you her muse, it can be one of the greatest honours anyone can imagine.

They are mythic ghosts that are the inspiration of an artist. If someone called you his muse, it means he's getting inspiration from you. These euphorias are inspiring a lot of creative ideas. When you are my muse, you are inspiring me to make better arts, more intelligent techniques or more fun commentaries. I have many museums on this page.

When you are my muse, you are the fount of my inspirations that motivates me to go beyond my own motivations and reach. Thinking Scorcese & Di Caprio performers have a muse that will inspire them and make their creativity flow. On nine occasions the Moses were the girls of the Titans Mnemosyne and Zeus.

Ladys............choose your muse! The muse is what you become when someone or something provides it with slightly comedy. Sometimes my man refers to me as his muse. This means someone who is inspiring and giving the stimulus to be a better man. The muse, the duck! So what would that mean? Most of the time he loves to stand on scene, stands on his wicker stool in Africa and turns around to make sure that each side of him is adequately staged... To be someone's muse, does it have to be some kind of emotive feeling for the individual you call the muse? can it just be one or more muse for one or more?

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