What does Foxy say

So what does Foxy say?

The Fox, what does he say? Looks like this user has nothing to say about himself. Spend five nights at freddy's:WHAT DOES THE FOXY SAY and thousands of other assets to create an immersive game or experience.

What does the Fox say?

At least I didn't have to work today", I thought, "I can't believe he gave me the position immediately", "mental note", I thought, "after I got enough cash, I'll get my own house", you shaken his hands and said "yes, I am (Y/N)", "good", he said "your new waiter and watchwoman I assume", "yes, yes, yes, yes, I am", you answered "Oh!

I' m sorry, I' m Michael Schmidt", he said and pointed to his name badge "I used to be the old watchman" "Ok so..... So we have a big child shower today, so it's gonna be really noisy and there will be a bunch of folks, even those who aren't part of the party,""good," I said aloud and regardless of who heared me, "but I'll keep them safe no matter what," just then Mikey came by and I asked him, "why is Foxy not okay," "well, I don't want to go into too much detail," he said, "but actually, a little gal got too near Foxy and he bite her throat," he said,

Then the watch hit 12 "Well, my watch has started", I said "oh God" ý Mikey muttered on a watch and quickly went out and locked the door behind him. You' re going to your room kind of starving, you were sitting in the swirling seat and just then you could hear the telephone ringing,''who would call so later?''?

"Hold on, what?" "Dogs make wuff, cats make meows, birds make chirps, and mice make squeaks, cows make moos, frogs make quacks, and elephants make toots" "ducks say quacks, and fishs make bubbles, and seals make bow-wow", "But there is a noise that nobody knows" "What does the fox say!"

"I' m sorry, girl," Foxy said, "What's wrong?"

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