What does Burma mean

So what does Burma mean?

She' gotta be mean or have some other horrible personality. The BURMA is an acronym, abbreviation or slang word explained above where the BURMA definition is given. Have you found what you were looking for? For more information, please contact the Burma Center Prague. The two Burmese terms are also adjectives that mean "Burmese" (related to Myanmar/Burma, its people, its language, etc.


The Myanmar glossary of definitions | Myanmar defines

"Myanmar." "Myanmar." It' a Southeast Asian nation. Formal name of Myanmar. Aka Burma (which used to be the formal name). Myanmar's Chinese and Tibetan languages, also known as Burmese, are difficult to use. Myanmar's writing, in which the Myanmar tongue is spelled.

Aka Burmesin. Myanmar Bosnian is the official name of the chief ethnical group in Myanmar, Burma (mran-ma). The name of the official group is á?-á??á (ba.ma), from which Burma is ascribed. They are also related to Myanmar/Burma, its population, its culture, languages and so on. If certain words are included, the words are specifically Myanmar (Burma) (country) or Myanmar (person, speech, etc.) - a substantive licence.


Ten Myanmar slangs to use immediately

In addition to our Tuesday Thet Twe Aung on Burma's new Gawdai application, we thought we would offer 10 words of Thai language that you can use immediately. Actually, Thet Twe Aung provided them, although we would like to act as if we were learned Myanmar jargon if we could.

They are not in any particular order here, with an example of translation in German and a sentence code with the words in Myanmar underneath. They' re usually wealthy and although they think they're pretty chilly, some folks might think the other way around. Humans usually use Zay Pae when they are in paradise.

Most of the time they use it when someone is very smart or when something is so great that they can't even comprehend it. Kyvat = Burmese mice. White/Twinn = Burmese language holes. That is, a cavity in which a girl is living. The length of this jargon is the length that never ends. You use it for folks who think they're very chilly and know everything.

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