What do in Thailand

So what do you do in Thailand?

The Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: Photostory / Shutterstock. This is the definitive list of unmissable Thailand activities. Indeed, there are many!

Twelve activities in Thailand

You just ended up in Thailand, the most adorable land in the whole wide kingdom. And while you've been following these top 10 instagrams that prepare for your journey and have the appearance of a schedule, you're still not sure what exactly to meet while you're there. Now, allow us to make your plans a little simpler with these 12 things you have to do in Thailand, without replicating your favourite The Beach scene.

Across the skyscrapers, Buddha style monasteries and bustling roads, the town has an expansive canal system linked to the Chao Phraya River, which you must visit. Since you order your own Thai Pads every single meal you take with you, you will have to begin here as well.

Curry, chocolate chips, roasted pasta and savoury dishes are all typical of Thai food - make sure you have a slice of water melon or a sugar beverage to help you if it gets too warm. There is also a wide selection of fruit in Thailand that you don't often find at home, among them jacketfruit, mandarin, mango, durian, red pepper, pink apple and the shell-like Tamarinde.

Bangkok is known for its red-light district, where you can enjoy yourself as long as you have a good (and even better, cheap!) beverage in your hands. There are two locally produced ales, Sangha and Chang, and Thailand liqueurs containing SingSom Roman and Mekhong White.

Of course, a Thai home Thai massages can be over $100, but in Thailand only about 350 Thai francs or about $10. Thailands Muay Thai is the martial art and you can experience a life match in the Ratchadamnoen Stadium. If you are a great Muay Thai fan and always get your buddies to hear your thoughts about the latest UFC fights, come to Thailand in March for the yearly World Wai Kru Muay Thai Ceremony at Ayutthaya Historical Park; it gathers 1,000 combatants from more than 65 nationalities.

When you have no clue what Muay Thai is, but as a child you used to play a lot of street fighters, the Sagat was a Muay Thai warrior. Some of the most scenic shores in the globe, three places to visit are Phuket, Krabi and Khao Lak. Whilst each of them offer sparkling sands and clear sea waters that feel great every single turn you enter, they all have three different options.

Visit Phuket for night life, Krabi for relaxing and adventurous activities (such as climbing) and Khao Lak for small town charm - it's the destination for couple and honeymooner. Of course, you could just remain on the Phuket Isle ( Thailand's biggest island) or just stick to one of the continental shores, but why, if Phuket alone has over 30 smaller islets on its coastline and Khao Lak has several cliffs that can be reached by sea going or kayaking?

Kayak all the kayak kayaks you have brought to the island. Since everyone who is visiting Thailand has an instagram of an elephant ride, you go one stage further and stay the whole evening (or night) in an elegant school. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center in Lampang, which looks after more than 50 Asiatic Elephants and provides horseback tours as part of host family and hiking programmes, is the only state campsite in Thailand.

In the daytime eleven pupils show off woodcutters' skills, their mobility, paintings and music ("Free Bird" they seem to like to play). Staying with a host family offers a one- to three-day programme in which visitors are taught how to deal with and look after an Elephant, while those lovers of hard-core animals who would like to experience the lifestyle of a real Mahouts (elephant riders) can take part in a month-long trek that takes them deeply into the woods.

Tubkaak Krabi Boutique Resort in Krabi provides a sumptuous exotic beach holiday with your own home, a large culinary breakfasts menu and view of the beautiful Hong Islands.

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