What dies the Fox say Video

The Fox says Video

A viral video'What does the Fox say about the children's book? How does the Fox video Fast 250 million opinions; Go to earns millions of dollars to make?

What Does The Fox Say", the virus video clip for video clips, is now approaching 250 million users on YouTube, and the number is increasing every second. Like last year's "Gangnam Style", the most viewed video of all times, "What Does The Fox Say" contains strange texts, but the video seems to conquer the world.

Nobody seems to be more astonished by the track's popularity than the Ylvisaker brethren who made " What Does The Fox Say " as a novel. Known as Ylvis, the Brethren declared that they were writing the "Anti-Hit" to advertise their talkshow in Norway, and that glory was not their will.

But it is already the number one track in Cambodia and Lebanon, and it has achieved the top 10 in the USA - a performance the Norwegians haven't achieved since A-ha 30 years ago. It is said that last year the singer PSY collected over 1.5 million dollars with 1.8 billion YouTube images of "Gangnam Style".

If" What Does the Fox Say" follows this tendency, then the Ylvisaker brother may have won money with their virtual video. A number of analyst have said that "What Does the Fox Say" could make the Brother twice as much as PSY, and possibly in much less than that.

In addition, the boys and girls have a recording contract with Warner before "What Does The Fox Say" was published, and they have a children's textbook built on the texts in the works. "Look, I can tell you how to make a video that has one or two million views on YouTube - the formula is to watch a 300,000 show chat," he said to the Daily Telegraph.

"Puppy goes wuff, cats go miaow, birds go twitter and mice go screech, but there's a noise that nobody knows..... what does the fox say?" says Bard, the younger of the Ylvisaker brethren. Check out the video clip "What Does the Fox Say" on YouTube below:

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