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The Fox said what video

The Fox, what did he say? The Fox, what did he say? Vixen video becomes viral: Here is what the fox actually says. THE FOX SAYS. Rien à propos de cette vidéo musicale n'a de sens mais c'est de toute façon de la ruse pour la domination du monde.

Vidiot's Sneak Peek, Sia, Move Your Bodysuit, Ylvis, The Fox.

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The Fox: What does an online video do virally?

A little-known Korea based painter who rides an imagery of horses has registered more than a billion hits on YouTube with his track Gangnam Style in 2012. Now, a track called'The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)' hopes to become a similarly pop ularity. To the texts belongs the line "ducks say quacks, and seals bubble and the seals go ow wow ow ow, but there is a tone that nobody knows what the fox says?"

So far the track has had more than 140 million songs - more than Gangnam style in this phase of its publication. Scientists describe what they call an "excitement hierarchy" in which video that triggers emotions, happiness and humor, are most likely to be transmitted. Video that generates emotions of vigilance and attention are most likely to be shared.

Bad-excitement video is at the bottom of the tree, but is still more likely to be passed on than boring, non-emotional video. There were four emotions described by the students: sweet (for example, a kid who bites his older bro in fun); amusing (for example, a kitty following a video camera); nasty (for example, a lady who eats a mantises); annoying (for example, the cops groping a student).

It found that angry and nauseating video is also likely to be passed on because it aroused interest and excitement. The attendees found angry video especially interesting when they came from a college or college and rather passed it on.

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