What did the Fox say

The Fox, what did he say?

They may have another language, but it's a mystery these days. The Fox, what does he say? A bizarre story of the Viral Gimmick track

The Fox, what does he say? "Ylvis The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" was published in September 2013 and has become one of the most popular gimmicksongs of the last half-century. It has more than 685 million page impressions and still counts, and although the track was a joke in the first place, it soon took on a true independent existence.

Ylvis, the Dutch cabaret star of Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, was amazed at the success of the film. You hadn' t expected to make such a big virus smash, but when their silly movie brought them into the limelight they seemed to like it. Ylvisåker Brethren are a Norway based duet, and the initial concept for the song and videoclip was just to do the third series of their talkshow I Kveld Med Ylvis (Tonight With Ylvis).

Instead, the brethren got a little more than they had anticipated. Vegard said when the familiy went to Africa they only had two comedies that the boys could watch for inspiration: A Monty Python's Life of Brian and a Scottish comedyian. "Vegard said, "We created humour that was a mixture of these two.

"On October 19, 2003, The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" reached No. 6 in the Billboard Top 100, the best performance for a Norvegian musician since A-Ha took on me in 1985, who also had an icons musical film. Although Psy's "Gangnam Style" reached number 2 in the Billboard charts with a multi-billion watched movie, "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)" reached 100 million viewers on YouTube in only 35 day.

However, Psy's "Gentleman", the sequel to his first big hits, has outshone 100 million viewers in just four short outings. Name is Bernhard Ramstad, and that's what he did in the tape. The people outside Norway probably don't know who Ramstad is, but he had a long carreer in Norway in film and television, which began in 1974.

He has also spoken about many animation movies that have been converted into Norwegian, among them Voices for the Great Gonzo in A Muppet Christmas Carol, Cornelius in A Bug's Live and Lawrence III in Pokemon 2000. What makes Vegard wear a green squirrel and Bård a bears outfit? Apparently Ylvis recruited someone to make the outfits for the tape, but it never came into effect.

Then on the eve of the shooting, they tried to borrow a costume from the Norwegian Film School. However, the institution did not actually own any fox outfits. "First we thought:'This is crap' and it looks ridiculous and all of a sudden we thought maybe it's not a bad concept and maybe stupidity would come along," Vegard said to it.

ABC News was informed by the sibling that the sounds were just spontaneously played once they were in the recordroom. They had less than an hours to complete the singing, Vegard said, and the brethren gave "only our best..... just everything they wanted. 13) But what does the Fox actually say?

The Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia has done its best to respond to this for us (and for Ylvis). They said they found the SLB sketch amusing, but they were very much struck by the detail of the backgrounds. These are the stones shown in the movie "The Fox": It wasn't to corrupt the videoclips, but both generation of spectators, almost unanimous, were enjoying the track and the music.

It' fun, because it' a carol about a man possessed by Stonehenge. He also makes a short side trip to a Vegard tune, which gets Oralsex from his wif.

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