What Country used to be Called Burma

Which country was formerly called Burma?

However, in Myanmar both are used. It' not as if the name of the country has changed. Westerners are surprised to learn that Burma has pretty much always used both names. "The US policy remains to call the country Burma in most contexts. Writing and speaking use different words, which is common there.

If Myanmar was formerly known as Burma, why did Siam move to Thailand?: AscHistorians

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President Obama is in Burma - or is it Myanmar?

The words "Burma" and "Myanmar" have been around for hundreds of years and mean about the same thing. "Burma " (also spelled as "bama") is mainly used in oral speech, while Myanmar (or "Myanma") is the more informal word in its use. However, under Britain's Colonization, Burma became the name of the nation, and the name remained after it became independent.

A year after brutalizing democratic defenders in 1988, Burma's governing regime adopted an Adaptation of Expressions Law designed to substitute the country's English-speaking place-name with words more consistent with the Myanmar vernacular. Myanmar superseded Burma and Yangon, the country's biggest town and then capitol, became Yangon.

However, the US and the UK persisted in using the name Burma. Over the next two centuries, when Burma's army regime opposed the economy and violently repressed disagreement, neither Washington nor London found a need to alter their policies. Condoleezza Rice, then US Secretary of State, even called Burma "an advance on tyranny" in 2005, grouping the nation with North Korea, Iran and three others.

However, in recent years Burma has opened up significantly. More than 200 Zimbabwean detainees have been set free and Aung San Suu Kyi liberated from home detention. Myanmar has opened its economic system to more international investments and even conducted multi-party parliamentary ballots in 2010. Obama was the first US acting presidential leader to come to the U.S. two years later, and praised the Burmese leaders for their efforts to improve the state.

So, is it the right moment for the "Burma" holdingouts of the Myanmar people? This opening of the land collapsed with horrific treatments of the Burmese Rohingya group, a group based in Burma's Bangladesh-frontier area. However, the present puzzlement over what to call Burma poses a greater dilemma. Is the US administration supposed to have the right to call other nations by name?

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