What Country Speaks Burmese

Which country speaks Burmese?

You speak Burmese and live mainly in the central plains of Myanmar. Karen, Kachin, Chin and other tribes live in the hills around the plains. The Burmese language, also called Myanmar, the official language of Myanmar (Burma), is spoken by the majority of Burmese as their mother tongue and by most native speakers of other languages in the country as a second language. Study and practice your Burmese with a native speaker by email, text chat and voice chat. The country of birth data provide information about where people were born and show the level of cultural diversity within the Burmese speaking population.

Burmese language Speech

The Burmese or Myanmarese, the country's main foreign tongue, is the mother tongue of the vast majority of Burmese people and the second tongue of most of the country's mother tongue speak. Myanmar and the neighboring Tibeto-Burman group of the Chinese-Tibetan linguistic families include Burmese and the related Lolo vernacular.

Burmese standards have changed more than most vernacular languages; the Iraqi vernacular is particularly sober. Burmese's oldest preserved script is from the mid-11th centuries and is in alphabetical form, based on the languages P?li in India and Ceylon.

Ancient Burmese, the official tongue of these scripts, is not as traditional as Old Tibetan, with which it is related.

Study Burmese Online - Writing or Speaking in Burmese Language Exchange

Study Burmese on-line by practising with a mother -tongue learner. Blend or use Burmese on-line to enhance your vocabulary or conversational skills. Exchanging languages supplements other types of study such as classrooms, culture and multi-media, because you can practise everything you have learnt with mother-tongue learners in a secure and fun milieu.

┬┐What is a linguistic interchange? Might there be a reason for exchanging languages? What is the procedure for exchanging languages? Benefits of exchanging languages are among others Find a boyfriend in Burmese civilization. We also offer free advice and free conversational timetables that allow you to learn a foreign tongue on your own.

To see more benefits, please see why you are doing a foreign languages course. Locate Burmese speakers. Practise your Burmese by sending e-mails (pen pals). Practise the text chats for your spoken conversations. Practise talking with voicemail. In addition to free, useful policies and advice on how to share your Spanish with others, we offer free lessons prepared by a professional linguistic facilitator.

It' a lot of pleasure so that you and your new study buddy can simply "break the ice" and practise effectively. Briefly, you have everything you need to practise and study Burmese through foreign languages. Which kind of exchanges is right for you will depend on your knowledge and your objectives.

Discover which kind of Spanish course is right for you. Please refer to the free How To Do A Language Exchanges guide for information on how to effectively share languages before you start practising. Now you can find a Burmese foreign languages program and enjoy yourself! "Here are 20 of our youngest Burmese speakers who could become your partners.

For a list of all Burmese speaking students, please click here. After all, I have always wanted to use Chinese to talk to my mates, but I'm not sure if I should use it. I' d like to be a good boyfriend to study at school. I am interested in learning more.

I' ve lived in Yangon and would like to help you study Burmese. I' d like to enhance my conversational abilities in Japan and England. I' d like to watch films in England. Study closely to go abroad and I am interested in closely study. There' s a lot to be learned. Living is an opportu-nity to study.

I' m a Burmese friar who lives in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma) and learns and teaches England, which is a different country for me. I' m trying to learn a little more. It is interesting to talk for it is very useful in my travel itinerary. I want to learn a little more.

a local boyfriend to me, text me. Hello, I am a Burmese worker from Wellington, New Zealand. When I have spoken English in the working world, but when I have spoken to outside parties or when I have spoken to the children's friends' parent or teacher, I do not know how to communicate with them. I am a Burmese college kid who studies in Bangkok, I am proficient in English and Burmese.

I am looking for buddies to see and practise my KORYOAN as I plan to move to Korea after high school. If you are a sworn kosher speaking person, please beat me......... I' m a speech enthusiast. I' m living in Myanmar and I'm interested in Italians, Koreans and Japans. e-mail - Thanks.

I' m studying my fluency and studying Thai for about 6 month and I' ve been there for a year, but I know a little xD. I' m a Burmese mother tongue teacher and live in Yangon. I am looking for a linguistic interchange person to enhance my knowledge of German. I can help you with Burmese and if you are interested, I am also.......

I' m gonna need exercise in German and American. To see all Burmese speakers, click here. "We couldn't be luckier with the exchange." "I will use your website to practise my French and I will suggest it to everyone I know.

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