What Country is Myanmar Located in

In which country is Myanmar located?

The Myanmar site is also militarily important for China and India. Discover Norway's location, map and more! Tags:myanmar map google, in which country is myanmar located? The Finnish affairs are handled by the country's embassy in Bangkok. Rent a car today in Myanmar (Burma) with Europcar, discover and save money.

Myanmar's position shows its strategical importance: Aung San Suu Kyi

Myanmar's opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi has noted that her country's inter-China relations make it an important player in the area and this should be taken into account in the development of bi-lateral relations with Myanmar. "Because we are located between China and India, the two largest Asian power, and because we are on the borders with South and Southeast Asia, our positions are unparalleled, and any relations with Myanmar must take this into account," Ms Suu Kyi said on Tuesday at her first official visit after her US visit.

On the question of whether US involvement in Myanmar was intended to "curb" China's impact in Asia, she said that the US-China relationship is "naturally linked" to US-Myanmar relationships. One, which in my opinion cannot be easily replied to because I do not believe that any country, neither the US nor China or Myanmar, could say that our relationship has nothing to do with our relationship with other nations around us," she said.

US Myanmar ties should "naturally have some influence" on US-China ties, she said, and noted that similarly, her country's ties with the US will also to some extent have an "impact on its ties with China". However, she said Myanmar's expanding relation with the US should not be seen as a "hostile move" towards China.

"We can use our new position to reinforce the relationship between all three states. To put it quite bluntly, it would be to our benefit if the United States and China were to build friendships. That will help us a lot, and I look forward to it," she said.

Ms Suu Kyi said that her country has a good record of maintaining friendships with different nations according to different philosophies. "Myanmar was one of the first nations to recognize Communist China as early as the 1950', and it also had particularly close ties with India in the West," she said. "When we became self-sufficient, we were the country most likely to prosper in Southeast Asia.

Later on, the director was awarded the Global Vision Award of Asia Society, which was presented in 2011.

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