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Wow, we're going to Toronto. ¶izengilang. gk sulit orangnya enjoy aja gan heheeh ^_^. tangerang. izengilang.

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Delights of an unfulfilled American dream: wewewe

I' m pretty upset with my staff because they're crippled and they don't get my back if I always get theirs.... but it's okay. So the group effort I did was great. I' m happy that my group supported me and assisted me in my work. But it was my concept, I was delegating what to do, and I'm the one giving the instruction.

We' re gonna get an A+ m. It made me so sure for my next scareer.

Iove Me Hatred Me

The PvP arenas are a set of cards that are the same as the game's big cities, but without any exit and non-player-character. These cards are limited to levels 31 and above and are available in two modes: Nightmare mode and Yoyo mode. While Yoyo mode has no capital punishment, Nightmare mode has the XP drop of regular physical activity deaths and the added chance of losing an item of gear.

Was of EmperiumAs well known as "Guild War", an incident named Was of Emperium (generally shortened "WoE") will take place for two consecutive lessons on any weekday (depending on the server). Labeled lighthouses can try to access and monitor a number of fortresses within the battle.

The Empire is on the 4th level of each palace; when a guest breaches the Empire of another guest, that guest takes over. Guilds that can keep possession of a fortress until the end of the Empire War retains possession of it until the next Empire War and can achieve a number of advantages for winning, complete with entry to special'guild dungeons' by controlling certain fortresses that give members of the guard a clear edge in gathering expertise and item.

Throughout the Empire War, the Burgkarten are in PvP modes and act similar to regular PvP cards, except for a few of them. In particular, the absence of harm indicator and a sharp decline in the efficiency of spells, skill and long-range attack. The War of Emperium is the most beloved and the most frequent player in the pack at least once a month.

At first, the work system comprised 13 categories, which were extended over several upgrades to a current 44. In addition, some devices are exclusively for certain professions, which changes the playing styles of such character. Each player starts in the first grade of the match, the beginner. Beginners, as their name suggests, are largely a step-by-step learning level that allows new gamers to get the general feeling of the experience.

Once a certain stage has been reached (depending on the task desired), you can switch to one of the first six professions or select one of the extended professions together with the Super Novices. If another target is reached, the first grades can switch to one of two second grades. As soon as the basic 99 and 50 levels are reached, the user can "reborn" his characteristic and work as a transcendental profession with more abilities and a higher number of points, although the skill profile is much higher.

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