Wet Season Myanmar

Rainy season Myanmar

Every season lasts about four months. There are those who think that it is not a good time to visit the country in the rainy season. These are the reasons why a trip to Myanmar in the rainy season is worth an adventure. So how cold or warm will it get in Myanmar? Why visit this incredible place during the rainy season of Myanmar?

Preferred season of the year

Myanmar has three distinct periods - the warm season, the wet season and the winter season. Every season takes about four month. Hottest season begins in February and ends in May. It rains from June to September and the winter season begins in October and ends in January.

It is very arid and warm during the hottest season. It' s hottest this past year and the temperature is at an all-time high because of the El Nino incident. Each area of the entire land is now experiencing adverse rain. A number of areas in Upper Burma experience over 110 Fahrenheit.

Everybody wants to rain right away. El Nino usually occurs at erratic two to seven-year cycles and takes nine to two years. The majority of our college kids like the hottest season because they have a long one. Also during this period the Apri.

Raining season starts at the end of May. It gets moist and mouldy during the wet season. The wet season, however, is the most popular season for the people of Myanmar as it provides rains for plant and vegetable life. Raining season is one of the most popular fruits of Myanmar - Durian, and it is abundant.

When you are in Myanmar during this period, you will find a completely different Myanmar, not dry, but lush.

The Myanmar rainy season: Part Two - Part Two

Four more good motivations to come to Myamar in the wet season for those who were not sure of our first four of them: as promised: 5th reason: It doesn't rain everywhere! It is one of the greatest misunderstandings about Myanmar's wet season that it is not possible to go.

Number Six reason: It's the season of the year! It' ubiquitous verdant! The Shan State is a great place to be. Rain is not only greeted by the Myanmar tribe, but also by the rainforest! After the first few wines the land seems to look greener and after a few short days the differences are notable.

Bagan's powdery plain is transformed into a wealthy land and many verdant areas, the inner Yangon is more like a garden than a town, when the landscape is full of luxuriant paddy and other cultures. Burma is really at its best in the wet season and it is the joy of a shutter bug!

7th reason: Be a real adventure! It' the wet season, with its challenges - and rewards - and great histories. You can tell your home mates how the waters fill up when you enter your cab from the airfield, the knee-deep waters through which you had to sail for supper, or the Wasserb├╝ffel, a dormant aquatic animal in a freshwater pool near a historical sanctuary.

You' ll need to be ready and take it with a grin, as you're one of the bold explorers you can see in the wet season. 8th reason: The humans are even warmer! You' ll always find people smiling in Myanmar. They are always surprisingly kind and cheerful and make a great impact on you, no matter what time of year.

However, even if you are trapped in the pouring downpour, it is difficult to pity yourself when you see the big smile on the faces of the Myanmar population. To watch the children splash around or the amusing look at the face of a salesman throwing the waters from the top of his stable makes you (almost) forgotten to be wet!

Things are going on in an original way, and reminds you how astonishing and joyful the Myanmar population is.

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