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Yangon Western University

Hantabin WEST YANGON TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY. Find the best source for homework assistance at West Yangon Technological University (WYTU): City: Yangon Country: Myanmar. Still no feedbacks for West University Yangon. You be the first to get out!

University of West Yangon, based in Htantabin, Yangon Division, is a University of Fine Art and Humanities in Myanmar. This university provides bachelor's and master's courses in the field of fine art and academia. Postgraduate studies (especially a doctoral course) usually go to Yangon University. Guide provides information about all the needs in Myanmar as well as an on-line market place for the purchase and sale of automobiles, real estate, tickets and so on.

Still no feedbacks for West University Yangon.

Extensive list of universities in the world Volume 1 - Country index..... - I. Williams

It is a summary of the worldwide shortlist of colleges and university. In this first part of the index there is a listing of HEIs from A to H states. It consists of the name of the university and its web address. A lot of colleges don't have web adresses.

It is our goal to let you know that the university does exist and we recommend that you go to the relevant German diplomatic mission in your home state to obtain a valid postal adress. But three-fourths of the colleges in this first book have functioning web sites.

Sectoral Biological Sciences

Mr. Kee has lectured on'Molecular Phylogenetics' and'Ecology'. It has also launched a research cooperation with the University of West Yangon on a type of cancer. Shew Hong gave talks on'Reading the Language of Life: He also gave a lecture on'Scholarship of Teaching and Learning' (SoTL), followed by a poll on'SoTL' at both Yangon, Myanmar University.

Courses were well visited with over 100 Yangon University and University of Yangon faculty and over 300 Yangon University of West Yangon faculty and faculty. During the whole course the participants were very reactive and committed. This was a very hot (Ngan Kee and Siew Hong, who were used to air-conditioned auditoriums, sweat quite literally during their talks ) and humiliating experiences.

Presenters Prof. Thida Lay Thwe from the University of Yangon and Dr. Tat Htun Thu from the University of West Yangon were very welcoming. Burma is undergoing changes in its policy environment and this is affecting many facets of the country. and A) Lecturers awaiting the start of a course.

B ) Ngan Kee and Siew Hong with Prof. Thida (center) and two other members of the Faculty of Zoology at Yangon University.

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