Western University Postal Code

Postcode of the Western University

You can visit the Western On-Campus pharmacy for recipes, postal services and convenience stores. Postal Services - Facility Management - Western University This post office enables a fast and effective handling of inbound post and letters for the university population. Please indicate when sending Campuspost: Be sure the cover of the campsite is locked tight. Be sure to place the Campuspost in the appropriate location in your building/department for pickup by westerners.

ADDITIONAL SERVICE: Large orders of new college envelopes can be ordered free of cost from our provider Staples on Mustang Market (Financial Services). You can still order small amounts of used postage at the post office. Dispatched outbound post can be taken to room 1335 in the Support Services Building or picked up by Campuspost.

Post collected by western riders should be packaged and marked "To Be Metered". "A small extra charge will be made for the measuring services. Incoming post should be split into packages of Canadian, US and global targets. ONLY ALL bundle should have the appropriate direct marketing code (not the code for speed) in the upper lefthand area.

Forgot your postcode or have not opened a postal bank account/ mailroom, please call 88196. Before you send them to the post office, please put a sealing layer on all covers that are more than 1 cm thick. This franking system does not accept heavier covers.

All covers that do not pass through the dispenser will be returned to the original faculty/department for sealing. The parcels to be dosed and bound should be interleaved (overlapping flaps) to make it easier to process. Be sure that all your parcels have a correct sender adress.

To collect a large amount of outbound post (e.g. 4 or more containers), please call the post office at 88195 to schedule a specific collection. For rules, tariffs and FAQs regarding the post that arrives in your system at Canada Post, please see the Canada Post website.

Interuniversity postal services (correspondence only) to other Ontario schools are available free of cost through the mailroom. It is not a day-to-day delivery and should not be used for a particular shipping date or to ship time-sensitive materials. Mailing is done on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but only if the amount of post sent to a particular organisation justifies it.

You should bundle and label your post and send it to the mailroom along with other post items from your university. More information about the school' s postal services can be found on the website of the Council of Ontario Universities for a listing of member schools and university. In order to make sure your post is collected on schedule, please make sure it is at the appropriate pickup point 15 mins before the planned pickup times.

The post is not classified by staff name. The post is ordered by name of the buildings and/or division. To avoid any delay in receipt of your post, please make sure that the persons who send you post and letters have your proper postal addresses. When you have agreed a pickup by messenger, you can use the post office (SSB 1335, Dock 69) as a pickup point for your consignment.

There is no one-to-one parcel services from house to house on our campsite. To have parcels and/or couriers forwarded, please call the responsible carrier or FM Customer Care Center at extension 83304 to agree on this type of services. We' re not fulfilling any major orders for new stationery on our warehouse premises.

While we have a small inventory of used stamps on demand, new stamps are ordered through Mustang Market (Financial Services).

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