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You masturbate at a train in Bengal, you see a man streaming on Facebook.

BANDEL: A West Bengal girl was streaming a movie of a man on Facebook trying to get away on a railroad in full-publicity. He masturbated right in front of the women's cabin just before a Howrah commuter wanted to get out of Bandel Railroads.

Saw the man as she sat in a car and alarmed the local people. She got off the bandwagon and faced the man. But the man got away before the cops could get him. A German railroad policeman said, as cited in an NDTV article, that the man was spiritually instable.

Railroad patrol has notified the Burdwan GRP, but the man cannot be found. to have evidence against the man. He was making indecent gesticulations in full view in front of a train-officer. Said the employees went into operation when they saw her making the tape.

The man was apprehended after a lady published his tape on Facebook.

West-Bengal: Man caught masturbating at the station, woman on facebook

Delhi, 9 July: A man was arrested masting at a West Bengal railroad terminal after a female streaming his act on Facebook on one of the trains. At the time the locomotive was about to depart from Bandel Railroad Terminal, a middle-aged man made naughty moves in front of the women's cabin. At first, the inside seated ladies did not protested when the platoon wanted to get off the track.

And then a girl grabbed her cell out of her cell to stream it to facebook on her face. She allegedly said on the video: "These few era everyone needs evidence, so we chose to make a Facebook game. A few girls alarmed the rail staff. He was shown in front of the station security station, in full view of the masturbation.

"When the personnel saw me making a film. However, the man escaped," said the wife NDTV. The man seemed insecure, a railroad officer said. but he got on the platoon and ran. In early May, a man was arrested in Calcutta trying to masturbate on a coach.

Later he was detained after the lady published the tape on Facebook and turned to the Kolkata police on her Facebook page. Subjects:FacebookLive StreamrailwaytrainWest Bengalwoman ') ; $("#insurancediv_mob").html('''') ; } if ("$(window).width() > 767) { $("#menu-secondary.popup_parent_menu").

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