Welcome to Myanmar

In Myanmar welcome

All volunteers who want to join us are welcome. The Catholics of Myanmar welcome diplomatic relations with the Vatican. Burma, represented by Ilhomiddin Mamajonov, has joined our Olympics. " Why the Rohingya will never be welcome in Myanmar." United Nations organizations welcome the start of the SUN movement in Myanmar.

In Myanmar welcome

Mingualabar is a welcome and a desire for happiness. It is the only words that stand for the natural environment of Myanmar's inhabitants, who offer world-class accommodation and always wish others well. Tradition deep roots in the Buddhist ideology of love, the profession of faith that Myanmar follows, is either in the form of cake, or cordial benevolence towards one' s acquaintances and the foreign.

Find out more about the Myanmar features that make it extraordinary. Buddhism is practised by 85% of Myanmar's people, but there are a considerable number of Christians, Hindus, Muslims and activists throughout the state. The Myanmar Buddhist family celebrates the inauguration of their sons into the Buddhist order and the.....

Myanmar has more than 100 different ethnical groups, all with their own language and dialect. Most of the people in Myanmar are Myanmar (Burmese), although English is widely used in city areas and tourism centres such as Yangon and Mandalay. You can book useful travel leaders who know the most important language combinations through your travel agent.

Burma is the biggest geographical region in Southeast Asia. Myanmar's fruitful countryside is not only full of tradition, but is also traversed by a series of streams that are used for transport, watering and as a diet. Myanmar's main vein is the Irrawaddy, often called the Ayerawady.

Myanmar's story can be retraced back to the 2. cent. when the Rakhine dominated the western shore and Pyu civilisation bloomed in the middle area. Over the years, great empires came and went until the Third Myanmar Empire came to the British colonials in 1885; Myanmar gained back its sovereignty in 1948.

Myanmar has for many years vanished behind a self-isolating barrier and only recently opened its gates to the outside worlds to show new generation of tourists the countrys unparalleled civilization and breathtaking landscape. Would you like to know more about Myanmar Travel?

Greetings to Burma

When I felt full enough to concentrate again, I asked Suu about the story of the Pa-O murban. "Long, long ago there was a drag on woman who was living alone in a pond. When he saw a recluse drink from the water one night, he was so beautiful that she immediately fallen in love with him.

As the recluse walked into the woods, the drag on turned into a pretty lady and followed him to his little shed. Both of them fall in loving each other and began to live together, but the recluse was often on long pilgrimage. Sometimes the wife returned to the kite in his absences because it was her own invention.

Then, one of these days, without knowing that the recluse would come home, he found her on a pad in the cabin and was appalled by her outfit. And he felt fooled too, so he abandoned her to never come back. Pa-O come from one of these balls, which is why we are wearing a turbant-it looks like the skull of a kite.

The men of Pa-O are dressed like the recluse man, dressed in dark browns and a tie dressed on one side, just as a recluse could put on his hat," she said. However, my grandma and my mom would be furious if I said I had my doubts," she said with a twitch of her shoulders.

She then entrusted that she would only wear the turtleneck if she worked with a tourist or attended a Pa-O marriage, because her pastime is tailor work with a love of westerly design. If the generational transition happens so quickly - as is usual in Myanmar today - cracks can often cause serious conflicts, as many of my Myanmar buddies have commented.

She is a Burmese mother who does not know Burmese, only the Pa-O languages, and she is also a literate and dogmatist of the traditions of the people. Therefore she of course deplores the fact that Suu does not wear conventional clothing, but a trade-off was found within the group. So I asked Suu if it is possible for a Pa-O to get married to someone who is not a member of her clan, such as the Congregation.

However, my mom and grandmom don't want me to see my dad's family and I don't want to piss them off," she said mournfully. On to Kakku, past colorful field with onions, potato, hasard, kale, tabacco and seeds, but the harvest that prevailed was clothing - a basic food of the Pa-O kitchen and an important well being.

"Ukranian tourists once said to me that in his own land it is used to fend off vampires," she said. "Pa-O folks really enjoy the smell of garden cloves - we even do rainy dancing to make sure our harvests are successful," she added. "And he said, "I adore Miley Cyrus!

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