Wedding Hall Price in Yangon

Price of the wedding hall in Yangon

Happiness in a wedding comes at a price. It sometimes takes up to a year to get a reservation in a popular hall for the desired date, she said. Price is only guaranteed at the time of reservation. Included in the total price of the room are:. You can also combine them with a "mini-reception" or an elegant dinner.

Getting married for the price | The Myanmar Times

Whilst some still like to do everything themselves, today there are wedding schedulers who help couple to make their big wedding a great one. Historically, it has been common for a couple to schedule their wedding with the help of their families and boyfriends. Today, in towns like Yangon and Mandalay, married couple choose to engage a wedding coordinator to organize the entire wedding.

For a few, it is even important to engage a celebrity when financial matters are not an option. But if you have a certain amount, there are many schedulers and packs that you can consider. Whatever you decide on, you have to keep one thing in mind: Marriage schedulers need a lot of space to put everything together, especially those that are loved.

Usually a pair would need to call a scheduler about five month to a year in advance. 2. Happiness in a wedding comes at a price. It sometimes can take up to a year to get a booking in a favorite hall for the desired date, she said. It has about four kinds of parcels, and the price ranges from over 3.3 million K to about 10 million K.

If the wedding is more complex, the more work is needed and the higher the cost. BRIDGES and BRIDGES can talk in detail about what they want from the designer, from the lobby to the host, invitations, clothes, make-up, hairstyles, jewelry, floral arrangements, musicians, band and photograph.

Regarding the places, most pairs opt for wedding rooms, but there are some who opt for lakeshores, parks and sandy areas, Thazin Min Khine said. Our brides and grooms tell us what kind of wedding they want and we then tell us the service we offer and how we can work together," she said.

Usually hangars are hired for two-hour for a wedding ceremonies and hotels provide facilities that includes catering, flower arrangements and the background," said Managers Su Myat of the Rose Garden Hotel. "At some marriages where they have a scheduler, we have to talk to them about what we can do and what they can ask of us.

It' at least 16 US$ per person, incl. hall rent. "Pairs may make a reservation at any moment, although it would be hard to get a reservation at the moment they apply for it during the post-Lenten Buddhist Lent when there are many marriages," she said. There are several wedding package deals available in a hotel.

At the Parkroyal Hotel, for example, a meal of teas and sweets includes sapphire, ruby and diamond packets for at least 300 people. When Myanmar, Chinese, Oriental or West European meals are favoured, the rates are different. Thazin Min Khine says, as in old times, there are still a few pairs planning their own marriages with the help of families and family.

There are two main reason for those who choose wedding planners: The costs for wedding planner already begin from K350.000 and the more the pair wishes for.

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