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meteorological report

Receive the Reading weather forecast. Hourly weather information included for an even more accurate and detailed forecast. Forecast for the next few days. Forecast for the Sölden ski area, temperatures, hours of sunshine. This shallow low-pressure field holds a volatile weather over the Adriatic Sea.

United Kingdom Weather Report - Met Office

Bright and warm for most of this week-end. It'?s a lovely night for most of us. In the north-west of Scotland a few chills are to be anticipated, but everywhere else it will be arid. Saturday: Every nebula and nebula quickly becomes clear, then it becomes for the most warm and sun-sound. In the north-west of the country, however, the sky is cloudy, where it will be airy.

Widely arid with long sunshine intervals. Initially it' s getting a little hotter in the beginning of next weeks in the northern and eastern parts, with more clouds. On Wednesday and Thursday there are usually sunshine intervals and a showering opportunity. Cloudy in the far northern part with some precipitation or drizzly.

In the far northern regions the temperature is closer to the norm, but in the southern and western regions it is probably still very high. It is likely that there will be more and more frequent downpours, possibly thunderstorms in the southern hemisphere, and from the northeast we can expect clouds and rainstorms that will weaken towards the southeast.

The weather will still be nice and sunshiny, probably in the toutheast. This will be more airy, especially in the north-west, where the temperature is close to normal, but still hot or very hot in the southern and south-eastern regions. Forecast for Saturday 21 Jul 2018 to Saturday 4 Aug 2018:

Until the beginning of this season, the changing weather is expected to persist, with further rainfall expected mainly in the northern and north-western regions. A few more periods of good weather are likely to come back later in the months for many areas, although further periods of rainy from the NW are possible with downpours or storms in the SUT.

For many people, the temperature is likely to be above normal, other very hot magic is possible, most likely in the southern hemisphere. The temperature will be nearer the mean in all uninhabited Spells, most likely in the northern and northwestern regions.

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