Weather in Yangon right now

The weather in Yangon at the moment

Sun & Moon at the moment. The search for (reliable) data about Yangon was a big challenge. It' all there, right on your doorstep. The weather in Meiktila's July is generally very hot and quite dry. What time is it in Myanmar now?

Weather for Yangon (Myanmar) Yangon (Myanmar)

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Wheather condition Yangon/Bagan/Mandalay - Myanmar Forum

The Yangon is still "dry" - as arid as it can be in the rainy period - but the first outskirts could be submerged very soon - devastatingly. coconuts. co/2015/08/03/some-townships-yango.... - this could also apply to all areas around the Aiptown? At Yangon you can see groups of folks on many corneas who sing, play musicals or just hold up boxes, collect funds for the tsunami offerings, it's very moving to see.....

I' ve got word from my mates in Hakha state and Matupi/Chin, the Falam-Hakha, Hakha-Matupi and Mindat-Matupi streets are gone, which means that no reserves can get to the area - the cost of a sack of rice in these areas has now risen from 20,000 to 100,000 Kyat....

Bagan and Inle Lake Weather - Myanmar Forum

January was sunshine and hot during the days and hot enough for T-shirts in the afternoons. It was the same in Bagan, but one night we had rains - remains of the hurricane that struck Bangladesh. You may need lightweight pants and T-shirts and maybe a sweater or sweater for the nights when you are feeling the cool.

In the middle of January we were there, weather in Bagan, wonderful Sunday sun, warm weather with only a slight sweater in the city. On the Inle Sea, again wonderful sun and warm during the afternoon, but quite cold at midnight and needed a few people. You' ll also need a jumping ship for your early mornings cruise, as the winds are cooling as you buzz across the pond, it can be chilly quite early in the afternoon.

At the end of January when we came back to Yangon, it was much warmer than at the beginning of January, so this could also be true for Bagan and Inle. There are not all contributions available yet (Bagan is not yet Inle), all will be available in the next few weeks. The thread has been discontinued due to apathy.

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