Weather in Rangoon Burma

Rangoon Burma Weather

This is a nice overview of the climate and the average monthly weather data for Yangon, Myanmar (Burma). The year also falls in February and visitors take part in the biggest festivals such as lion and dragon dances in Yangon. Alerts Myanmar (Burma) and weather forecast Myanmar (Burma) updates weather warnings Myanmar (Burma). Wind- & weather statistics Yangon Airport / Yangon, Myanmar[Burma] for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing & sailing. Myanmar facilities and services are limited to Mandalay and Yangon Map of Yangon (Yangon region / Myanmar), view from satellite.

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In the Bay of Bengal a tropic recession has developed which is heading towards Rakhine State. A recent Joint Typhoon Warning Center upgrade states that "the capacity for the creation of a major hurricane in the tropics will be raised to a high level within the next 24 hours". It is expected that the assault will land in the state of Rakhine between Sittwe and Kyauk Phyu.

Myanmar's government has given a "red warning" to community leaders and affected municipalities to be cognizant of the thunderstorm. - Check your own safety plan. - Monitors your area' news items for updating, as well as the resources below: TyphoonWarning Center. Sign in to the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) to get safety up-dates.

Yangon, Burma Ten-day MeteoPrediction

I don't think you rescued a town. In order to store a town, click on the amber symbol next to its name. Wind SW at 10 to 15 km/h. Probability of it raining 80%. A little bit of slight precipitation falls over the whole workday. Wind N at 10 to 15 km/h. Probability of it raining 40%. Ordinary open-air acitivities can be enjoy.

Yangon Airport Statistical Data on Winds and Weathers

These are the winds, waves and meteorological reports for Yangon Airport in Yangon, Myanmar[Burma]. Statistical calculations are derived from actual observation of the Yangon Airport meteorological base. It is also possible to order the information on our page for historic meteorological information (e.g. for an insured event, in order to better schedule your holiday).

They are pointing in the opposite directions to the winds. View Yangon Airport weather stats to find the best last-minute destinations for your kitesurfing, surfing or yachting holidays in Myanmar[Burma]. If you need more information about our Yangon Airport winds stats, take a look at our help.

Wetter Yangon, Myanmar[Burma] - up to date detailled hoursheets Yangon

In the mornings slight precipitation during the days, in the mornings strong precipitation, in the afternoons precipitation, in the evenings slight precipitation. Overall wet quantity 20.6 to 20.8 mm. Raindrops at nights. Waterfall 4.6 mm. in: locally: Weekly weather in Yangon, Myanmar[Burma]. Yangon Weather Report. Beginning of civilian twilight*:End of civilian twilight*: Beginning of dusk*:End of dusk*:

Beginning of the astronomic twilight*:End of the astronomic twilight*: # What's Twlight?

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