Weather in mm

weater in mm

Real-time weather station, Chennai's first AWS and the most visited blog. This year's weather, sun and moon almanac. The temperature, probability of rain and wind speed in Nerja. Temperature, Time, Feel, Rain%, Amount, Cloud, Dir, Speed, Gust, RH, UV, Weather, Conf. Check out the video below to find out how you can enjoy London in any weather.

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Meteorological data for Bergen (Hordaland)

Situated in Bergen community, 12 m. above sea level, it is the nearest weather forecast centre, 1.2 km from Bergen. Rainfall, temperatures, snow depth and winds are measured by the unit. The mean temperatures were 14.0 degrees Celsius, 0.2 degrees above the norm. The highest was 25.8 degrees Celsius (10 July), the lower 7.2 degrees Celsius (21 June).

It had a rainfall of 101.0 mm. The highest daytime rainfall was 45.9 mm (15 June), at 7 a.m. (8 a.m. DST) during the last 24 h. The rainfall was the highest in the world. The highest was 31.2 degrees Celsius (30 May 2018) and the lower -12.0 degrees Celsius (1 March 2018). The highest rainfall was 93.9 mm (Dec. 23, 2017).

There is a gray line showing the mean value (precipitation and temperature). Read the red/blue line for the mean daytime temperatures (24h) (balanced for 30 days). This line is plussy reddish and minus reddish bluish. These areas show the daytime fluctuations (24h) with max. and max. temperatures as end points.

This area is marked either plus or minus degree. Light navy beams show the overall rainfall this months. Intersection of the colored line is the average value for the rain. Darkgrey beams behind the rain gauge show the snow depth that is being recorded every single workday. A number of measuring points measure only the rainfall, others only the tempera.

Rainfall is recorded at 07:00 a. m. Norway noon. This value (in mm) shows the last 24 to 07 hrs (08 hrs daylight saving time). You can also find more weather reports on

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