Weather in Mandalay Burma in November

The weather in Mandalay Burma in November

The Weather Forecast for November. The months November to February are beautiful and bring warm weather and reliable sunshine. Visit Mandalay Palace, the residence of Myanmar's last dynasty. There is the least rainfall in the dry zone between Mandalay and Pyay. All the weather reports of the last weeks in Mandalay with ups and downs.

Mandalay Weather in November

If you want to organize your holidays in Mandalay, check out the weather report! Get your stuff ready for your visit now by taking a look at the weather forecasts for Mandalay. Check out the seven-day weather forecasts for the major Burmese towns. Easyvoyage's weather tools provide you with weather and precipitation readings for each target as well as storm strength and heading and sunrise and sundown time.

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November weather in Mandalay - Myanmar Message Board

Thank you for the information..... the brhma wihari centre is in Chen Oh town..... The Ye Chen Oh Town is in Pyin Oo Lwin Township (former name, Maymyo). You' re supposed to get your wintry outfit ready. is not Mandalay - it is a mountain top stop in the hills.

November weather in Mandalay, Myanmar (Burma)

Mandalay guests should bring a T-shirt and trousers in November. Rainfall is standard at 38mm (1.5in) onboard. In general, this is a very comfortable time. Mean max temp is 86°F (30.0°C). If you like to adore the tan, this is a great time to come and see it.

The following activity levels were evaluated from 1 (least suitable) to 10 (best) in November.

Weather in Burma November - Yangon (Rangoon) Forums

So what is the Burma mean temp for early to late November, November 5-23? But how much rains? Thanks, normally no rains in November and the weather is very nice. Temperatures, depending on location. Yagon can get 27c, Bagan and Mandalay can get warmer than Yangon, 30c, Inle can get 25c. However, by the end of November at midnight the temperatures can fall by 17c, depending on where you are.

Made a long cruise down the rivers in November a few years ago. There was no precipitation (it had come to an end at the end of October) and only needed a wooly early morning/late evening on the canal. Do you think that it will not really start raining on the coast and in the resorts until November? You will arrive in the hottest period, which lasts from April to November, but you will have failed to see the monsoons that end in October.

Yangon will be warm & Mandalay & Bagan will be hotter as it is in the arid area. Ile Lake isn't so terrible because you're in the Shan Mountains. If you go into the cold time of the year, which lasts from December to March, it remains easy much later.

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