Weather in Inle Lake Myanmar

The weather in Inle Lake Myanmar

It seems to be a light rain shower on Wednesday. One of the best times to travel to Myanmar is April. Weather every week Inle Lake, Myanmar[Burma]. Weather in South and Central Asia. Weather, climate, exchange rates, videos, pictures, reviews, events, hotels, news.

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Bagan and Inle Lake Weather - Myanmar Forum

January was sunshine and hot during the days and hot enough for T-shirts in the afternoons. It was the same in Bagan, but one night we had rains - remains of the hurricane that struck Bangladesh. You may need lightweight pants and T-shirts and maybe a sweater or sweater for the nights when you are feeling the cool.

In the middle of January we were there, weather in Bagan, wonderful Sunday sun, warm weather with only a slight sweater in the city. Lake Inle, again wonderful sunny and warm during the afternoon, but quite chilly at nights and needed a few people. You' ll also need a jumping ship for your early mornings cruise, as the winds are cooling as you buzz across the lake, it can be chilly quite early in the afternoon.

At the end of January when we came back to Yangon, it was much warmer than at the beginning of January, so this could also be true for Bagan and Inle. They are both astonishing places, as is the whole of Myanmar. There are not all contributions available yet (Bagan is not yet Inle), all will be available in the next few weeks.

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Assistance with the weather at Inle Lake

We' re going to Burma on Saturday. Anyway, I was on a couple's journey and found out that it was freezing early in the mornings ('6:30) on Inle Lake. When you look at the weather, it seems pretty muggy in Burma - but you try to find out if it will be freezing on the lake in the mornings.

And if so - can anyone measure how chill? when I don't need them. We' were there a few years ago about the New Year and it was freezing in the middle of the evening until it began to heat up around midnight.

Most likely you will be cruising around in an open vessel, so a windbreaker is good for early mornings. Early in the day it was freezing, around 6°C. Myanmar's weather is warm and at night. The Inle is situated at an elevation of +/- 900 metres.

You really need additional clothing on a kayak in the mornings and in the afternoons. And I was wearing an additional pullover and a lightweight coat. The parasols were on the plane, good against mid-day sundown, sudden rains and to protect against the coolers. During a rainstorm without an umbrella on the ship, we were told about a ship that ran out of gas.

We--we used to love Inle! One has to be ready for the early mornings - we all had a windcheater that worked well. It was recommended that we brought lightweight mittens, but it was warm and we didn't need them. By the way, our ship also had parasols that we used against the sundown.

So we went to Jan-Feb and needed the shifts we carried in the ship. When it gets warm, you just hull her off and put her on the barge. There I had a pair of knee-length sleeves, sweaters, socks, mittens, 2-3 T-shirts and a muffler. Buying cheesy boots and mittens I could just keep in Myanmar.

It was a hottie afternoon on the barge. We also had an umbrella, but we still needed the heat from the shifts.

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