Weather in Burma December

Burma December weather

Burma's best time to travel is from mid-December to mid-February: The weather is dry and sunny, and the risk of hurricanes should have been eliminated by now. Burma] Real time wind and weather map for kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing and sailing. To navigate through the animations, use the slider below the weather map. Monsoon conditions prevail in the north-east from December to April. The facilities and services in Myanmar are limited to Mandalay and Yangon.

Ngapali Weather in December

If you want to organize your holidays in Ngapali, check out the weather forcast! Get your things ready for your visit now by taking a look at the weather forecasts for Ngapali. Check out the seven-day weather forecasts for the major Burmese towns. Easyvoyage's weather tools provide you with weather and precipitation readings for each target as well as storm strength and heading and sunrise and sundown time.

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Burma weather in December 2018: Temperatures & more

Await 32°C daily highs in the shadows with an annual 9 hour daily sun in Burma in December. Review more long-term weather forecasts for Burma in December before booking your next vacation in Burma in 2018. December weather avg. shown above refer to Yangon.

Burma's mean December daily max temperatures are 32°C (90°F) at high temperatures and humid. As a rule, the mean overnight temperatures are pleasant 19°C (66°F). Normally there are 9 hrs of sunlight every working days, which corresponds to 79% of the 11 hrs of natural light. Await 7mm (0.3 inches) precipitation throughout December with 1 full days with some precipitation.

At noon, the maximal ultraviolet values are very high (8 ultraviolet index) when the sky is clear. Explore the Burma sundown and dawn seasons in December 2018. Choose a calendar to see the sunrises and sunsets for the next twelve moths. Burma sunsets and sunrises are shown below for Yangon.

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Weather in Myanmar in December - The best season to see Myanmar ("Burma")

The month of December is one of the coldest periods in the world, although the word "cool" is notable. Temperature can still be anticipated in the high 1920s to low 1930s, especially in the main lowlands just to the south of Mandalay. Whereas similar climates prevail in most other parts of Myanmar, highland and promontory temperature is quite low, with maximum temperature usually only around 24ºC. The temperature in the mountains is very low.

At the other end of the range, the locations to the south and near the coast move merrily into the high seasons with outstanding surf.

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