Weather in Bagan in February

February weather in Bagan

You' ll feel hot during the day and a little cooler in the evening. Will the climate in Bagan in Myanmar be good in February? Burma, Bagan: Weather forecast for February. New Bagan's prevailing climate is known as the local steppe climate. Myanmar's average temperature in February:

The weather in Bagan in February 2019

Is it the best season to go to Bagan? February weather in Bagan is based on recent years' weather data. The weather statistic for the whole months can be viewed, but also by pressing the start, mid and end tab's. The weather in Bagan in February is arid; it never sings.

In February the weather here is very hot. For example, the mean value of the February temperatures in Bagan is 30°C. Please be aware that these seasonally adjusted mean values are in stark contrast to those in Bagan in February with a peak of 40°C in 2013 and a peak of 20°C in 2010.

Hopefully you can have 30°C or more for the whole honey. During February in Bagan the day lasts on avarage 11:27 am. If the weather is perfect, it is advisable to visit this area this northwest. This statistic is based on the weather forecast of the last years of February.

What was the weather like last February? This is the weather in Bagan in February 2018, logged every day: For information about the weather in February, click on the towns on the menu. Towns near Bagan: February weather for Bagan: February weather for Bagan comes from an intersection of the weather forecasts since 2009 in Bagan.

Weather in Bagan can fluctuate slightly from year to year, but these dates should be limited by surprise. This way you can either leave your luggage or look for the best season of the year to go to Bagan.

February Weather Bagan

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