Weather in Bagan in August

The weather in Bagan in August

I' m going to Yangon, Bagan and Inle Lake from mid to end of August. What will the temperature be in these areas? In the following figure you can see a compact characterization of the average hourly temperatures for the quarter of August. I' d like to bring my sister to Bagan towards the end of July - first week of August, but it seems like it's raining and not so much suggested. It was the "rainy season" in August.

What is the weather like in July/August? - Burma Message Board

What is the weather like in July/August? It' the monsoon or wet seasons in Burma from around the end of June to around mid-October. So, July - August is falling into the center. In July/August the rainfall is really intense, as if it were falling, it is deluge-like; just like being in front of a cascade.

Jul-August is one of the best times to travel to Bagan, the antique Burmese capitol with its hundred shrines and caves.

Bagan weather in August - precipitation increases drastically

The weather: Mean August weather is 91°F (33°C), with an mean midday at 99°F (37°C) and an mean overnight at 82°C (28°C). Highest is 105°F (41°C) and minimum is 78°F (26°C). Overall, the August weather is relatively warm. Precipitation is increasing drastically in August, making the streets more skiddy and difficult to drive on.

If the weather is overcast, wet and wet, visitors' itineraries will no doubt be affected. Precipitation is increasing strongly in August, which has a negative effect on the possibilities of outside activity. If you want to discover the Bagan cultural life, we suggest more indoors. The first lacquer goods in Myanmar are thought to have originated in Bagan in the twelfth and thirteenth century.

Since then, the coatings manufacturing sector has grown and coatings have become one of Bagan's most common product lines. Bagan has many paint shops to chose from. The Jasmine Familylacquerware Workshop is recommended. All of the whole familie is friendly and welcoming.

The Jasmine Product Workshop allows you to follow the entire paint production chain. Taking a few things home as a souvenir will be a great help for the whole group. The Sulamani Sanctuary was constructed during the rule of King Narapatisithu, a very wealthy time in Bagan. It is one of the most important of Bagan's temples.

Its name Sulamani means Crown Jewel or Little Ruby. This was the most important end emicron of the Bagan memorial (1170-1300). Like Htilominlo and Gawdawpalin in terms of architectural style, but with better internal illumination. Sulamani is a two-storey construction with a quadratic ground plan.

On the first level there are three recessed patios, while on the top level there are four smaller and more recessed patios. Its solid, gorgeous appearance and magnificent murals in the interiors are impressive. Sulamani Temple was badly affected by the August 24, 2016 quake.

In 1170 Narathu, also known as Kalagya Min, the "king murdered by the Indians", erected the Dhammayangyitempple. It is the most solid building in Bagan, with an architectural style similar to that of the Ananda Theatre. It is the biggest shrine in the Bagan plains and looks like an ancient Egypt spire from afar.

Daammayangyi is full of tales of King Narathu. Notice that the highest patios of the sanctuary and the concealed stairs that lead to them are no longer accessible to people.

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