Weather Forecast Scotland

Forecast Scotland

Obtain the weather forecast of Glasgow. Upgraded four times daily for the most accurate forecast. Mountain Weather Information Service provides forecasts for the following areas in Scotland. Mountain Weather Information Service forecasts eight different mountain areas in the UK to help improve mountain safety. Select any offshore point in Ireland and Scotland to get an accurate sea weather forecast.

Weather in Scotland

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Scottish Long Distance Weather Forecast

Long-distance weather forecast updates are available every day on the basis of computer models, weather characteristics and probabilities, and are between 17 and 30 working day in advance. There are large fluctuations in the weather locally and the weather forecast should only give an idea of the most likely mean weather condition.

You can access our weather forecast in the near and mid-term using the city or zip code selection at the top of this page. Here are a number of useful icons and discussions about weather forecast on the website that are constantly up-dated.

Weather forecast from BBC: Heat wave ends as Britain has DROP UK in the heat | Weather | News

The BBC Weather Weecaster Carol Kirkwood said there will be a "real temperature drop" in some parts of the UK this weekend, while the temperature remains high in the southern part of England. Sun is best in Northern Wales and Northern Ireland. "The current temperature is between 10 and 16 degrees.

Met Office predictor said that it is likely that parts of the UK will see a fall in the price of quicksilver, while the UK's temperature will stay in the high-tenties.

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