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Get the Inle weather forecast. The forecast shows the expected weather and precipitation for the afternoon hours. Accurate weather forecast for Inle Lake. Meteograms, weather maps, weather influences on the health forecast. Meteograms, weather maps, weather influences on the health forecast.

Inle Lake Weather, Myanmar[Burma] - long-term weather forecast

Heavily raining during the days, strong rains in the mornings, rainy in the afternoons, cloudy in the evenings. Minimum 21°C. Current time: Weekly weather Inle Lake, Myanmar[Burma]. Forecast Inle Lake. Beginning of civilian twilight*:End of civilian twilight*: Beginning of dusk*:End of dusk*: Beginning of the astronomic twilight*:End of the astronomic twilight*:

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The Myanmar Times | The Myanmar Times

According to the Meteorology and Hydrology Division, the coldness that plunged the nocturnal temperature and caused many to erupt the additional ceilings over the Christmas season is likely to last until January. The ministry said in its month-on-month weather forecast that the inhabitants of the top Saga ng, Mandalay, Magwe and Yangon as well as Chin and Shan states should be expecting minimal nightly temperature of more than 6 degrees below the January averages. In other states and areas the temperature is likely to be 4-6 degrees below the averages.

Cooler than ordinary weather is largely the outcome of the La Niña climatic system, which arises when ocean surfaces in the east and centre of the Pacific Ocean are 3-5°C below-standard. In many areas, the winter period, which began on December 20, brought a few low-temperature record high for December between Christmas and New Year in Shwan State.

With Pinlaung, the recording was fractioned on the subsequent dates when the quicksilver drops to -3. 2C on December 26 and a -4. 5C refrigerated the following one. Heho also reached a -2C level on 27 December, surpassing the old December -1 mark of -1.3C in 1999.

In the last 10 of the year the temperature dropped to 15°C in Yangon while in Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw the minimum values of about 12C were the standard. It said that by the end of the months, the temperature at midnight in the Chin and Kayah states and the Sagaing region was 5-8°C below the December averages.

"The intense onset of the wintersun, which entered north-eastern and north-western Burma at the end of December, and the effects of La Niña and the solar radiation, which were farthest from the northern hemisphere on 21 and 22 December, caused the weather to cool down at the end of December," a DMH officer said. However, the division also issued warnings of mist, especially in the mornings, which could diminish vision and create problems for the transport of goods by sea and sea.

In the states of Kachin, Chin, Kayah and Shan and in the Yangon and Mandalay region, eight to twelve foggedays are forecast for January, in other areas five to seven of them. In Nyaungshwe, at Inle Lake in south Shan State, the proprietor of a Nyaungshwe resort said misty morning was the order of the day at the end of December.

On Mandalay FM on 1 January, Dr Tun Lwin, a former General Manager of the Meteorological Division, said that the icy weather was prevalent throughout the North. "At the beginning and middle of December, North America and Europe were confronted with excessive coldness and strong snowfall. Coldness arrived in Asia around December 20 and extended to the Himalayas before reaching the north of Myanmar.

From 22 and 23 December, there were significant temperature drops in the north of the state. Tun Lwin said he was expecting three or four weeks of low temperature periods, when the temperature was more than 5 degrees below normal, before mid-March.

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