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Prediction warnings in the App Store Receive real-time warnings, predictions and up-to-the-minute weather update with the award-winning superior wherever you are! With AccuWeather, you can get weather forecast from your windspeed to your temperatures. Follow thunderstorms with the help of animation radars.

Calculate the unpredictable: always know what you can count on from the weather so you can make the most of every single working days.

MinuteCast® displays up-to-the-minute weather and rainfall forecast for the next two inches. Stay away from the wind with pressed thunderstorm warnings. Follow hazardous weather in action with our AccuWeather animation camera. AccuWeather's weather wizard shows you what outdoor temperatures feel like.

Make your prediction the way you want, anywhere in the run. Collect all the necessary weather understanding tools: - Look at your daily snapshot when you open the app to find out what you can anticipate from the weather of the morning, from temperatures to winds. - Browse through your weather forecasting for the next two week's high accuracy weather forecasting so you can schedule your weekend around the weather.

  • Customize your AccuWeather interface: conceal the detail that is not for you. - Stay away from the wind with pressed thunderstorm warnings. Follow hazardous weather in action with our AccuWeather animation camera. - Watch the latest weather video from AccuWeather's own weather crew. You can download AccuWeather for free and view the award-winning weather forecast on your iPhone.

Considering and procuring other weather applications, it tends not to have any of the problems that the others cause. Plus, you don't have to scale through accidental, careless things to get to the important things you want to see, you have the option to see the speed camera, the hours' prediction and the week's prediction at the top of the game.

It may have the "Dangerous Thunderstorm Warning" radars and I just don't know, because it's January, but as I said, that's the only enhancement I can imagine. But they cleared the ad-free feature so I tried AccuWeather. Irrespective of the name, the weather is no better than any other weather prediction, i.e. bad.

I have the premium edition and it provides a 25-day prediction, that's nothing out of the ordinary. Weather forecasts have problems with tomorrow's weather and think they can predict 25 whole nights? I' m getting too many bad weather reports from FAR, much more than in Storms. The most of them are repetitions, if a weather report is published at 9:00 o'clock, I get an instant message, if I turn off the display, I will find another message for the same one.

Her weather app was WAY WAY WAY BETTER! There''s no way to adjust alarms or the bothersome screaming tone that stuns you about things like flash floods etc. the old app had a whole menu to use! I also miss the setup to just go to the "Accuview" feature and see the hours prediction with all sorts of information when you click on a timer.

It' like true speed and feeling for more than a few hrs! Vendors AccuWeather International, Inc.

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