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Hotel Yangon

Asks Wayne T about Novotel Yangon Max. Alternatively, you can compare hotels in Yangon and Yangon car rental. You can ask Wayne W about Motel Yaewaddy. Official Holiday Inn Express Hotels website. Great Hotel Yangon Kabar Aye Road.

Beautiful hotel with a good price! - Re-exampl of Novotel Yangon Max, Yangon (Rangoon), Myanmar

This was my first journey to Yangon and my delivery man reserved this hotel for me. It' a very new hotel. Professional: - The breakfasts were very good with many regional, national, regional and oriental dishes. I may check other properties next year. It is possible to get a room with breakfasts if you reserve a room through a tourist agency at the same room rates only from the webprices.

Brooklyn Fish Head Curry - Singapore Banana Leaf, Yangon (Rangoon) Travelogues

It was only a few walking mins from the hotel where I was staying, so I thought I would try it while I was in Yangon. Dinner was good. It' s a good price to look at all the low-cost groceries you can get in Yangon. Lovely personnel, but the meal was mediocre.

We' had 2x Poratta, Fried Vege appetizer and a Chicken Kurma - lots of toast. Dinner was crisp and warm. We' re eating here because it's next to our hotel, but I wouldn't hurry back. Delicious Indian-Myanmar cuisine. Have you ever been to Singapore Banana Leaf?

Accommodation in Yangon

Formerly described in an early twentieth c. travel guide as "the most beautiful inn east of Suez", this five-star hotel has retained its pristine charms since Orwell and his co-author Rudyard Kipling appeared for a ging-tonics. It is a favourite with reddish-nosed expatriates who try to re-enact the glorious world.

By the time this luxurious hotel franchise came to the city, you knew Myanmar was back on the touristic itinerary. As sumptuous as you would think of one of Asia's most mature chain, the hotel offers butlerservice in the finest rooms, five beautiful dining rooms and pubs, free Wi-Fi (they're the quickest in the country) and sparkling candlesticks in the cloakroom.

Tip: Yangon can be like a kettle in the hottest months of the year - usually April and May - so use the hotel's open-air swimming pools and adjacent cafe. As the London company set out, they decided not to build a new lighthouse or bloc, but to take over the former home of the sovereign of the South.

It is a 1920s manor house, so squeaky-clean porches, lazy teenager seating, lantern-lit garden and an oasis-like swimmingpool. If you get on well with your banking officer, prolong your vacation with the hotel's tailor-made Mandalay and Bagan cruise along the Irrawaddy River.

As a more accessible option to Yangon's new big guys, this remote hotel was opened in 1934 as Rangoon Rowing Club. Secret tip: It lies on the shore of the quiet Kandawgyi Lake with a magnificent view of the Shwedagon Pagoda, so make the most of its magnificent setting.

You' d think you'd be in a funky Manhattan Apartments complex and not in languishing Myanmar when you walk into this quaint shop hotel - but that's part of its allure. The 32-room hotel is fashionable, lively and around the facilities, without any of the colorful claims you may have already surmised.

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