Water Tank in Myanmar

Myanmar Water Tank

Manufacturers and suppliers of water tanks in Yangon, Myanmar. Here you will find contact details of companies and shops selling high quality water tanks in Yangon. LTD, Silver LION Industrial CO., ??

?Yangon, Burma?. The AMD company supplies and installs commercially available water tanks in Myanmar. A list of companies, manufacturers and suppliers of fuel tanks for Myanmar.

Myanmar Water Tank Companies and Suppliers for Myanmar

In May 2005, Pioneer Water Tanks entered into a partnership with BlueScope Water, a wholly owned affiliate of Australian steel producer BlueScope Steel, one of Australia's biggest production groups. Pioneer's GALAXY line of tanks complements the current product portfolio in San Marcos, AUSTRALIA. Founded in 1984 as an engineer-to-engineer ( "Engineering Hardware") enterprise, PIPECO entered the water tank market in 1989.

We have 20 years of water tank production expertise. For many enterprises worldwide PIPECO has supplied water reservoir systems for both sheet metal and GRP.... with headquarters in Pelabuhan Kelang, MALAYSIA. The Myron L Company provides high-performance, cost-effective tooling for water monitoring and water QA, as well as calibrating solvents, equipment and sets that enable the instruments to operate at maximum power in a variety of different uses.

The latest line of products comprises handhelds.... with headquarters in Carlsbad, CALIFORNIA (USA). COMPLEX 1 is a specialist producer of screwed water tank modules (sectional). Iceberg " - made of high-grade and Donskoy First " - made of galvanised high-grade steels. The screwed water reservoirs made of rustproof steal are manufactured with the help of South Korea technologie, which is located in Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA.

At AKI Special Vehicles, our main objective is to meet the needs of our clients.... located in London, UNITED KINGDOM. Over a period of 10 years, Aqua Nishihara Corp.Ltd. has systematically further development the cost-effective, high-quality and dependable on-site tank. So that the end user can permanently and permanently select the appliance according to their needs, which is located in Lardyao, Jatujak, THAILAND.

Consistent with its managment..... with headquarters in Changzhou, CHINA. imflex Containment is a premier producer and distributor of handheld, light-weight, extremely long-lasting primary and aftermarket container systems. Foldable water cushion tanks and fuel/chemical bubbles with nominal capacity between 25 and 210,000 US Gallon,.... with headquarters in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA).

Hanghzhou Fuyang Bona Water Treatment Plants Ltd. The Hangzhou Fuyang Bona Water Purification Equipments Co Ltd. specializes in all types of water filtration systems. More than 10,000 square meters of production space are available to us. One of our product range is the RO diaphragm made of high-grade steal..... located in Fuyang, CHINA. Wengzhou Hengtong Water Treatment Co.,Ltd.

Wengzhou Hengtong Water Treatments Co, Ltd. is a manufacturer of water purification plants of all kinds as well as an engineer's office, which integrates research, developement, organization, production, installations and personnel trainings into a comprehensive range of services. Assembly Technique..... with headquarters in Wenzhou, CHINA. GWS Ltd. The Swan Group of companies (GWS) provides a complete range of pre-printed membrane vessels for water wells, boosters, print systems, print control, RO, hydronic heater and heaters.

Headquartered in St. Helier, UNITED KINGDOM, GWS is able to service the world' market. Tank Connections, with over 2,100 years of combined expertise in the development, manufacture and install of solids and fluid handling equipment, is dedicated to offering the highest value tank manufacturers' product and service offerings in the world.

We are passionate about.... with our headquarters in Parsons, KANSAS (USA). Braithwaite stands for a wide variety of fluid holding tank and by-products. We have won a seat in Newport, UNITED KINGDOM for our offer of steel and GRP containers. Adherence to hygienic norms in the area of drinking water - that is our strong point, that is..... with headquarters in Rheinfelden, GERMANY.

Eventproducts has been producing for over 30 years and has developed into one of the UK's largest water reservoir specialists. We build our business on the relationships we build and maintain with our clients, and by understand their market and help them master their challenge, we become a.... with headquarters in Evesham, UNITED KINGDOM.

Silo Tank is a UK leader in chemical, liquid and drinking water storage vessels, bundled storage vessels, process vessels, pressure vessels and environmental equipment. We are the only British manufacturer to provide 3 axles, from water tank to turn-key odor detection system.... with headquarters in Belfast, UNITED KINGDOM.

Founded in 1992 in the state of Virginia, USA, Fiber Technology Corporation or FTC provides cutting-edge water retention systems. It was founded to develop and deliver a straightforward, cutting-edge and worldwide approved water reservoir system by installing GRP profiled sheets in Lorton, VIRGINIA (USA).

The Future Energy Alliance (FEA) specializes in plants and plants for water and waste water purification, chemical processing and warehousing. We have a wide range of water qulity managment expertise that enables us to respond to water purification needs in households, commerce and industry. In addition to the FEA standards.... located in Dubai, these are the UNITED ARAB Emirate's. The company has mainly put its installations into operation to meet the essential needs of the HVAC industry and has followed new global trends in the field of HVAC with a focus on qualitiy during the time in ANKARA, TURKEY.

The Balmoral Tanks is a leader in the development and manufacture of tanks in Europe. As a business unit of Balmoral Group Holdings Ltd., the enterprise manufactures probably the most extensive offer of tank equipment from a hand in the EU. Construction, fire brigade,.... with headquarters in Llantrisant, UNITED KINGDOM.

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