Water Festival Myanmar 2017

Myanmar 2017 Water Resistance

Thursday 2017 07 Apr 2017. The most exciting is Balance Joy and Providence during the festive season water festival, or Thingyan Festival as it is known. Myanmar Water Festival will take place from 18 to 21 April 2017. The Thingyan is Burma's New Year and usually falls around mid-April. The Myanmar government will relax assembly restrictions during the water festival.

Waterproof 2017 - Myanmar Message Board

Hello, My folks and I will be in Myanmar from September 14 to 21 during the water festival. ATTANCEFOR any help. like hung up...anywhere acclaimed, just a tad more crazy in some places (e.g. Yangon). Please also be aware that transportation is more complicated during this vacation season, as many local people will be travelling, so make sure you reserve the transportation in advance.........for some nights there are no busses, so there are no planes (or trains).

I' m also going to be at the water festival in Myanmar, freaked out about the truck. I' d hoped to go to Marlamyine on April 16 and back to Yangon on April 17 (have my whole household in Tanbyuzayat, so it's an obligation to fly), then I hoped to take the night trains to Bangan around the eighteenth.

Was I supposed to reconsider all this because of the festival? I' ve only got one in Yangon before I have to get going, so not much in the way of organizing things. Do you have the possibility to reserve busses or trams in advanced? Last Stresskopffragen, I see that in April no balloon riding is possible?

What about the boat from Bangan to Mandalay (or the other way around)? We plan to drive through Myanmar during the festival work. I, too, want to be in Yangon on 13 April, 14 and 15 April in Yangon and again on 16 April.

Travelling during the water festival is extreme in Myanmar. I' m suggesting we stay in Yangon until the seventeenth. It is hard to find a restaurant in Mandalay that is open on these dates, and the roads are highly unsafe. Are there going to be busses to and from the 18 th to Bagan, Mandalay etc. Will we be able to find agents who can buy a coach to Bagan, Mandalay or should I make a booking now?

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