Wat Daz the Fox say

What Daz the Fox says.

What's he making Foxy look so cool for? "'There's a switch you have to flip, and it does it better than anybody else."

There is a rose monocorn and a hippo dancing to "What Does the Fox Say" on Just Dancing 2015?E???

Just Dance 2015's 6th dance play in Ubisoft's show, the show's proponents know how to attract visitors to Ubisoft's show at this year' event. Song like "Happy" by Pharrell Williams and Run DMC's remake of "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith make you sit up and take notice. However, they have also used adorable dances at the Just Dance cabin to motivate the audience to begin to dance.

Bravo, Just Dance 2015 crews!


Fox Libby (originally known as "Squiggle") is a fictitious figure from the BBC EastEnders saga, performed by Belinda Owusu. Denise Fox (Diane Parish), Owen Turner (Lee Ross) and Chelsea Fox (Tiana Benjamin) are the daughters of her and her half-sisters. Libby's figure was introduced in a celebrity story line in 2006 when Owen tried to assassinate her.

Charlie then has a relation with her colleague Darren Miller (Charlie G. Hawkins). In May 2014 Libby came back for the burial of Lucy Beale (Hetti Bywater). Lybby is the second daugther of Denise Fox (Diane Parish). Rubby discreetly contact her alienated ancestor, Owen Turner (Lee Ross), an offensive drunk, and he statesman to kind request to see her.

She hesitates to allow this to happen, but Owen seems to have moved on, and Libby is very interested in her folks getting back together; Denise is rocking and sleeping with Owen. He' s apprehended, but Libby convinces Denise to give an ardent testimony, and he' s set free. and take her to Epping Forest.

So Denise's coming to find Libby out cold on the bench. Lybby gets caught up in various frauds with her girlfriend Darren Miller (Charlie G. Hawkins). But when she sees the foreigner, she finds out she's been talking to Darren the whole time. Says he likes Libby. Darren visited his Cotswolds home a few months later, and Libby was inconsolable to find that he had chosen not to come back.

but Libby is avoiding him. The Libby and Darren have an jubilee lunch to commemorate a year of appointment. Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) shows, however, that Darren often deals with adult film. But Libby gets angry and trusts Tamwar, with whom she is about to start a tuition company.

But Darren becomes reconciled with Libby and begins to think about entering into a sex with him. Jay is ruining the evening by saying to Libby that Darren said to him that she was a Virgo. When Libby is down, she comes along and she and Darren decided not to hurry.

In her AS Level examinations, Lybby achieved A and Denise declared that she would apply for Oxford or Cambridge University. ibby is worried that her nut can't afford this. Later she learns that she was admitted to Oxford under reserve. Eighteen-year-old Owen, who is still in jail, contact Owen by mailing her a birth date and asking Libby's grandma, Liz Turner (Kate Williams), to set up a date.

Libby also decided that it was the right moment for her to loose her maidenhood with Darren. Helena comes back for Libby's anniversary and sees Liz on the square. When Libby is compelled to expose that she was visiting Owen, he will be freed in a few month's work.

But then she says to him that he won't return to her life. Lybby finds that she will be attending Oxford University when she receives the A-level marks she needs but chooses not to and says her mom needs her in Walford. Later she changes her minds and travels to Oxford at the beginning of October.

One Oxford undergraduate who likes her, Adam Best (David Proud), sent her an SMS saying, "See you in Oxford. As Owen is discharged from jail, he goes back to Walford to see Libby, though he shouldn't. This is discovered by Patrick Trueman (Rudolph Walker), who threatened to call the cops, but instead contacted Libby, who came from Oxford directly to Walford to see her sire.

By chance she hears Darren reserve a place for two people in a diner and assumes that he is seeing another lady. and finds Darren there with Owen. Says Darren wanted to get Owen's approval to ask Libby to wed him. But Libby will accept his suggestion. As Lucas, Denise's friend and Chelsea's dad, arrests Owen for violating his bond terms, Libby initially does not believe Owen's allegations, but is outraged when Lucas admits.

Although she was mad at Lucas at first, she finally forgave him. But Libby has her father promised to let Denise and Lucas alone. On the eve of the marriage, Owen Denise falls to caution Denise's Chickennacht that Lucas has murdered his ex-wife Trina Johnson (Sharon Duncan Brewster) and that she is in jeopardy. Denise and Libby are both mad at Owen.

until Chelsea informs him about the wristband. Owen is hiding in Phil's Jaguar and confronting Lucas with his crimes, Lucas chokes him to death and buries him in the Albert Square orchards. But Libby is feeling a little culpable for badly separating from her dad, but Liz calms her down.

D Darren gets a Heather Trott (Cheryl Fergison) ticket that Libby opens and finds money in. When Libby asks him about it, he says he found Heather weeping before Christmas because she couldn't buy gifts for her little boy George (Joshua Jacobs), and she felt sorry for him.

Lybby names him a softy, but later he hears Heather and her girlfriend Shirley Carter (Linda Henry) talking about Darren and the baby's fatherhood. Lybby tells us that Darren is George's sire, above all at Syed Masood (Marc Elliott) and Amira Shah's (Preeya Kalidas) marriage. but Chelsea won't let him in.

While Denise Libby keeps knocking on the doors, saying that she could return to Oxford early, it is still on. Finally Libby speaks to Darren, who declares why he was sleeping with Heather and what happend between them. Then Libby speaks to Heather who says that it was her guilt that it was happening and she didn't say anything because she didn't want to harm Libby.

Then Libby decided to go and Darren stopped her at the subway stop and told her how much he loved her, but she left anyway. From Oxford she comes back and explains to her unit that she is now day Adam, though Adam Darren explains that Libby compensates her need of advantage happening by state advantage in physiological state.

When he hears that Owen allegedly sent Liz flower, Libby asks himself why he doesn't want to get in contact with her. Stealing some CCTV shots from the flower shops, she is horrified to see Lucas ordering a giant pile of them. Lucy tells Libby that he sent Liz the flower to buy Owen enough space because he's back sipping.

Lybby embraces Lucas and embraces him. Lybby goes back to college, but comes back when she finds out that Jordan is in a whirl. Listening to Ben Mitchell (Charlie Jones) admit in the center of the café that he met Jordan with a wrench, she told Lucas. Luke closes himself in the center and collapses, tracing Jordan's state back to his own work.

But Libby worries about Lucas' state of mind and tries to persuade him to come out. Lucas opens the door when she threatened to call the cops. When Lucas goes to the infirmary, Jordan realizes that he has come out of his comfort zone and is safely awake. Chelsea and Denise tell Libby about Lucas' collapse.

She is accused by her of making a mosquito out of a mountain, but Denise pays attention. Gibby is destroyed to find out that a corpse hidden in the square is her father's. Having spoken to Liz, liberby denies her when she calls the cops to say she thought Denise was able to murder Owen, and she is taken away for interrogation.

As Adam transportation Libby Flower and opportunity Owen necessity person been homicidal for a indisputable explanation, Libby utterance him because he has patronized her. Helsea told Libby that Lucas found Trina's wristband in Denise's pocket after she passed away, which led her to believe that Denise might have murdered Trina and Owen. You see Denise leaving the square alone and get a text from her saying "I'm sorry".

Actually, Lucas had murdered Owen and admitted to Denise, taken her to a channel and choked her, sent the SMS before he threw the telephone into the channel. Lybby is the only one who thinks that Denise couldn't have done this and says that "sorry" could mean anything.

Lybby swears to go on as usual, but says it's not like Denise. Lybby and Patrick console each other as Lucas and Chelsea go to the morgue, where Lucas identified the corpse as Denise. Discovering that Adam blackmailed Lucy Beale (Melissa Suffield) for sexual intercourse, liberby drops him after being punched in the face, causing him to leave Walford.

Patrick disappoints her when he doesn't give a laudation for Denise, and then asks the whole household to go to Denise's burial, but Lucas persuades him to do so. Denise's burial Libby asks again who she is. Lybby is lucky when Patrick gives a laudation to Denise, but is angry when a quarrel between Liz and Denise's sister Kim (Tameka Empson) and Daphne (Emi Wokoma) begins.

As Patrick tells us, the gals can still be with him and Chelsea and Libby arrange to begin packaging Denise's things. As she celebrates Libby's anniversary, Denise comes in and unveils that she is not deceased, but that Lucas has held her captive and that he was the one who murdered Trina and Owen.

Luke steps in and acknowledges this and arrests the familiy as hostages, but when Jordan comes, they flee and Luke is taken into custody. Demetrius is taken to prison, and Libby has to endure the grief of participating in her father's burial. Meanwhile, Chélsea decided she wanted to move to Spain with Liz, so Libby organised a break from school to help her home mom.

denise condemns this and arranged for Libby to go to Spain for a vacation with Chelsea and her grandma before she returns to Oxford permanent. Having said tearful farewells to her husband and daughter, the cab is pulled over by Darren, who is angry that Libby leaves without saying good-bye to him.

ibby says that she has always liked him and that he will always be her best boyfriend before she abandons Walford. In 2011 Darren is moving away from Walford after his separation from Jodie Gold (Kylie Babbington) and decides to remain with Libby in Oxford. Jodie moved to oxford a few month later to be with Darren.

She is worried because she does not like to talk about her private time. Later, Libby quietly faces Libby Denise with her husband whom she tells a bewildered Libby she doesn't want to get married to her fiance Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt). Later, Dennis calls Libby and tells her that she will end her relation with Ian the next workday.

But Ian' s daugther and Libby' s old girlfriend Lucy (now Hetti Bywater) die that evening under strange conditions (see Who Killed Lucy Beale?), and after she learns of her passing, her sympathies are sent by text to Denise. A few short months later, liberby returned to walford to take part in lucy's burial.

Ian Denise treated her unhappily and asked her mom to cancel the deal with him. Libby asks Denise, after spending the evening with Patrick, to go to Spain with her for Chelsea's anniversary. She is insecure, but Ian encouraged her to leave and admitted that he took her for granted. What do you mean?

Then Denise and liberby leave in a cab. Lybby comes back to her twenty-fourth anniversary to find Denise fighting with Claudette Hubbard (Ellen Thomas) about preparing dinner for the celebration. Liberal opens her gifts and then gets a clandestine call from Chelsea, and she pledges to tell Denise something when she finds the right moment.

Libby can't afford to tell Denise and will call Chelsea later to tell her. Then Libby goes and goes back to Oxford. In December 2015, she will return to the inauguration ceremony of Kim and her man Vincent Hubbard (Richard Blackwood), where she will tell Denise how annoying Jordan has become and how he has been causing her and Chelsea in Spain anger.

Returning to Mother's Day, liberby goes to supper with the familiy, where she later finds a memo Denise has placed there saying that Lucas is planning to get out of jail. Lybby goes and says Masood, who is advising her to call the cops, and he assists her to get to Denise's home, which has been jailed by Jordan (now Joivan Wade), who is assisting Lucas with the flight.

Lybby sees Jordan rampaging on Denise and betrays that she has denounced him to the cops. The Jordan gets mad at Denise and Lipby and gets busted. Lybby then returned to Oxford after saying good-bye to Denise and Patrick. April 2016 sees her return to the scene and Denise telling her that she is expecting.

Denise is over the moon but Libby says she has an termination and has already appropriated the point of two termination argument. She gets very intoxicated, only Kim supports Libby's choice. When Libby comes back to the maternity hospital the next morning to end her gestation, a hangover Denise comes to help her with Kim.

Then she thanks Denise for being a good mom to her before she leaves again. Lybby returned in November after Kim called her and was horrified to see Denise seven month pregant. Swear to stay at Walford and help Denise give Birth. But Denise is disappointed when liberby says that Denise should only consume vegetarian foods.

When Denise is sacked from her position, liberby activity her get him position by threat with lawsuit. Denise does, however, tell her that she should not sacrifice her Oxford days for her, so she leaves after an emotionally charged departure with Denise. With Kim and her grandma Emerald Fox (Doña Croll), liberby comes back to the baby of her half-brother.

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