Want the Fox say

Let the Fox say.

What if you want something that is controlled only by you? ''What Does The Fox Say?' (What Does The Fox Say?) They' re going to celebrate when and where they want! " We want a negative number on the poster," said Vegard.

When you want to teach the children what sounds animals make, this song allows you to do so.

*The Metal Cover Of What Does The Fox Say? * Like We Didn't Know We Needed In Our Links

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Fox songwriters party 100 million YouTube songs with music

As the Ylvis' The Fox 100m hit movie went on YouTube this weekend, the Norway based couple chose to party in style: "So we had a really good sleep," said Vegard Ylvisåker, who with Friar Bård is in charge of what is called the Gangnam of 2013.

It' also become ridiculously fashionable - even more so than Gangnam style was at this point of its unlikely ascent. The Fox made the Billboard chart number 8 this weekend, and Ylvis was featured in the Billboard chart on NBC's Jimmy Fallon's Jimmy Fallon show with a fox-masked fox and vocals on it.

Probably the most amazing thing about The Fox's hit is that the two never meant to create a pop music. The Ylvisåker Brethren are best known back in Norway for a chat show on TV Norge, now in the third series. They wanted The Fox to be nothing more than a sketch for their show - the funny thing was that they would bring the most horrible track they could imagine to New York and have it made by Stargate, the editorial and writing staff behind songs for Beyoncé, Katy Perry and Rihanna.

Ylvis owes a favor to another Norvegian pair, Ylvis from the time the Ylvisåkers started producing a feature film for them. In exchange, the Stargates suggested producing a track, but the boys feared that an effort to enter the popular scene would harm their reputations as comic artists, whose daily business was to parody such things.

So, they chose to instead do what Vegard describes as an anti-hit. And Vegard said: "It was a great chance to work with Stargate in New York - and the best we could come up with was a tune about the sounds of a fox. One could say that the track itself is a satirical piece of the lyrical, threadbare style of electronica that the USA has captured.

Vegard says it came out of real inquisitiveness and nothing more. "Ylvis returned home with her shot and made a low-cost tape of humans in various pet suits lent by the Moroccan filming college. Before her most famous track had accumulated 2. 5m songs, but the Fox had already outdone it.

"â??We didn't have any of this planned,â? said Vegard. They have now joined Warner' s team and a number of the world' s No. 1 could be at stake, although Ylvis has greater aspirations. "Vegard said, "We want a bad number on the poster. Vegard was clear when asked if Ylvis would enter the world of popular song full-time:

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