Want did the Fox say

That's what the Fox meant.

" What does the Fox say? What does the Fox say? Just like this fanpage and don't forget to share the videos with your friends!

*The Metal Cover Of What Does The Fox Say? * Like We Didn't Know We Needed In Our Links

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The Fox, what does he say? Ignore the words, look at the dance!

You may already know that there is a rather singular new movie that is about to explode on mobile phone networks. It' s "The Fox" by Norwegian comedian couple Ylvis, and it makes everyone talk. Let's watch the video: Viral Movie Chart powered by Unruly has been following "Ylvis - The Fox" since its release on September 3, 2013.

These are some of the statistics Unruly has uncovered: Nearly 8. 8 million opinions in less than a weeks astonishing. This is the most split stock movie of the year. Probably the most formidable, it's almost 1:6.

5- one in 6. 5 persons or about 15 per cent of the audience passed on the film! "Although, as of yesterday, Psy-Gangnam Style (?????) had M/V" closely to 1. 76 billion opinions and nearly 37. 6 - only one in 46. 6 persons or 2 per cent of the audience divided the K-Pop musical film.

So what does "The Fox" say to online marketing companies and manufacturers of videos? It is as original as the "Evolution of Dance - by Judson Laipply. "Till yesterdays the inspiring comedian's tape had more than 219 million opinions and over 1. Nine million stocks. "And it wasn't the sound - at least not by itself.

It' been all the freaky dances! Tanz is presented in many different cultural settings as a way of expressing emotion or interacting socially. Nobody would have asked "Where the Hell is Matt" in 2006, 2008 or 2012 if "Dancing Matt" Harding hadn't done his dumb routine everywhere. Not because the former Hannah Montana celebrity sang at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Allow me to tell a tale from the second issue of my novel, YouTube and Video Marketing: It is about "The T-Mobile Dance", which was posted on January 16, 2009 and currently has 42 million viewpoints and 755,000 stocks. Ă½MediaCom according that T-Mobile got 1. 2 million value of free resources and publicity cover.

" Even more important, T-Mobile increased revenue by 52 million year-on-year in a downturn. There is also a second case report by Unruly Medias that has been asked to offer online marketing campaigns with the help of online marketing tools. Though The T-Mobile Dance was kicked out within 24 hrs of the show, the creatives were not available to other paying members of the public until the end of the following weeks due to restrictions in productions.

Unruly Media asked Media to make up for this potentially calm time by making the movie omnipresent now. Stubbornly fast, the movie got to become flashmob enthusiasts who had been thoroughly tagged and trained last weeks. Several hundred people have embeded the link, which had 1 million hits on YouTube over the first weekends.

Monday mornings Unruly took over some of the most famous social networking apps within Facebook to easily re-discover the content and share it as smoothly as possible with your buddies and co-workers during the week-long break before other creatives became available to you. FOREW FORWARD: For each individual who views the movie, it was posted to an intersection of 3. 6 other publics, resulting in 1. 8 million forward within Facebook alone.

Over 50 T-Mobile dancing groups have joined on Facebook, often to organise similar activities at other British train/grounds. Saatchi & Saatchi reaped this lesson two years later when they produced "The T-Mobile Royal Wedding". "Posted on April 15, 2011, the ceremony doorway has art to top all the ceremony doorway art currently end to 27. 4 large integer look and nearly 1. 8 large integer allotment.

Recently, the foreseeable elemental force of music has been used in "baby&me / the new movie about Evian". "Released on April 19, 2013, dancing with my little me currently has nearly 61 million Views and end to 3. 1 million allotments. Released on February 28, 2013, the movie of a brave little bangs currently has more than 7. 2 million opinions and over 1 million pi.

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