Wadi Rum

Rum wadi

Alternatively Wadi Rum the "Roman Valley". Wadi Rum offers one of the easiest and safest views of the region's desert for most visitors on half or full day excursions from Aqaba or Petra. Wadi Rum can be explored in several ways.

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Since prehistory, Wadi Rum has been populated by many civilizations, many of which - among them the Nabataeans - have left their traces in the shape of petroglyphs, engravings and monuments. This area is situated in the Wadi Rum area. Jabal Umm ad Dami is the highest peak in Jordan with a height of 1,840 metres (6,040 ft) (SRTM datasets 1854 m), 30 km southern of the town of Wadi Rum.

Difallah Ateeg, a Zalabia Bedouin from Rum, found it first. The Jabal Ram or Jebel Rum (1,734 meters above sealevel ) is the second highest mountain in Jordan and the highest mountain in the Rum central,[5] rises directly above the Rumtal, opposite Jebel around Ishrin, which is possibly one meter lower.

The Wadi Rum is home to the Bedouins of Zalabia who, in cooperation with mountaineers and hikers, have successfully developed eco-adventure as a major resource. Records of the first climbing began in 1984, with the first of many visitors from Howard, Baker, Taylor and Shaw.

Many of the Bedouin trails were replicated by this group, with local and independent guides, among them 1984 Hammad's route on Jebel Rum and 1985 Sheikh Kraims Hunter's Slabs and Rijm Assaf on Jebel Rum. 11 ] In the 1980' many new climbing trails were created by this crew, the tour leader Wilfried Colonna, the Swiss Remy and Haupolter and Precht brethren.

Tony Howard's first own rock climber guidebook, Treks and Climb in Wadi Rum, was released in 1987. Several of the many Bedouin trails have been recorded by Lien and Gilles Rappeneau on-line. 13 ] In the guesthouse Wadi Rum a new route planner for climber is created.

The Red Planet - Wadi Rum was used as the Mars Earth in this 2000-movie. BBC The Face - BBC movie, Rock climb in Rum, with the Wadi Rum innovators Tony Howard and Di Taylor. Wadi Rum's long footage puts the movie in the right frame of mind, it is a place where the protagonist finds happiness, away from the rest of the universe and within herself.

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