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A YouTube screenshot of Voice of America. MEP U Shwe Maung shared VOA Burmese News's contribution. Chinese envoy links signing of Beijing infrastructure plan with Myanmar peace process. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube and get informed about my latest posts and updates! Genaral India Visa Info - India VOA Online - India Visa Error - Definition & Instructions.

TV reporting in Burma strengthened by VOA

Washington, D.C. - VOA adds more newscasts to its Burma newsmagazine. Featured once a weekly, the programme will now have an up-to-date headline abstract six times a week. Here's how it works. VOA's Burma website received around 26% higher site visits in August last year after the Burma authorities decided to remove web access limitations.

Burma-based Than Lwin Htun says that the number of visitors to VOA Burma's multilingual online community, which includes Youtube and Twitter, has also risen. VOA's Burma based ministry transmits via wireless, television, web, cell phone and seo. More information about VOA or one of its voice telephony solutions can be found at www.voanews.com. It is an internationally operating multi-million dollar audio-visual network financed by the U.S. government through the U.S. Government's Board of Governors.

Every week VOA sends around 1,500 hrs of information, education and culture programmes to an appreciated global public of around 141 million in all. The programmes are in 43 different language versions and are aimed solely at viewers outside the United States.

We are looking for Guo Wengui, a billionaire: Peking urged US channel VOA to edit studio interviews

On Thursday, a real estate magnate from China charged Beijing with interfering in an investigation with a US radio station in which he had sworn to make accusations of corrupt practices against high-ranking Communist Party officers. An openly critical of the China administration, Guo Wengui was a third of the way through a three-hour interviewer when Voice of America suddenly halted his livestream without account.

Interview with Guo Wengui and Voice of America. YouTube-screen shot about Voice of America. Two years after he left China, the multimillionaire had said he wanted to uncover the China leadership's relationship, which could subvert President Xi Jinping's attempts to strengthen China's position before an important convention later this year.

"Voice of America was forced by various pressures to abruptly shut down the program," Guo said in a Twitter film. Wednesday's VOA three-hour program was interviewed when China acknowledged that Interpol had released a "red message" for Guo, allegedly under suspicion of bribery payments of RMB 60 million (US$8.72 million) to former China State Secretary of State Ma Jian.

VOA's PR manager Bridget Serchak said the webcast was finished after one hours and that footage from the rest of the interviews would be published seperately. The spokesperson of the China State Department, Lu Kang, refused to give a commentary on the interviews during a periodic Thursday news conference.

Guo Xi, while not directly criticizing, blamed the administration for being political selectivity in a much-publicized anti-corruption drive that has put many affluent businesses behind bars. 2. Obviously, in an effort to undermine Guo before his VOA performance, the state's Beijing News released a tale according to which the property tycoon had been mixed up in dubious transactions.

YouTube video footage also featured in the story shows that Ma, who is in prison on suspicions of bribery, is talking about money he took from Guo. on YouTube. VOA was informed by Guo that Beijing was trying to use the Interpol communication to prevent him from expressing himself. Interpol Chairman Meng Hongwei was previously China's Deputy Secretary of State for Civil Safety - the first China civil servant to take up this position.

He was elected in November last year and raised concerns that he would give Beijing more influence to use the office to seek out foreign thieves.

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