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Watch Live News with App now! The Skynet Up to Date is a news and message channel. The VOA is the international broadcasting voice of the United States. I am afraid now when I hear bad news, especially about the violence," she said. Download Voa myanmar News Podcast Burmese Morning Broadcast Podcast.

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This protest was triggered by a sharp rise in the price of groceries. Rouhani's tough adversaries are thought to have initiated the first rallies in the right-wing town of Mashhad in the east of Iran to draw attention to the Iranian state. Skip to navigator Skip to searching. Myanmar and Vietnam.

The BBC World Services, ....... Slovak, Slovenian and Thai would end by March 2006 to fund the start of TV news in 2007..... the first moving ministry was Burma's..... Rachingya rebels raided a convoi in the state of Rakhine in Myanmar and wounded six members of the policeforce.

Movietone and Movietone UK weekly movie shows have been aired on television since..... The News Review was a synopsis of the weeks.... Official Myanmar....

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Anyone know the short wave (probably) frequency for the BBC World Service and VOA in Burma? Since there were no TVs in some of my hotel, I took my Roberts SW handheld station and was able to receive World News all over Myanmar. However, most Hotels now have international television news incl. BBC World.

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Burmese State Media accuse demonstrators of force

The Myanmar state press blames the demonstrators for the violent outbreak on Tuesday when the riot squad of college action groups called on the Myanmar administration to abolish an educational reforms bill.

The Global New Light of Myanmar, a government-run newspaper that often reflected formal views, indicated on Wednesday that the demonstrators were to blame for trying to "free themselves from the environment of the police", which resulted in violence.120 arrests were made and many were wounded, leading to new fears that the recent political reform in the South East Asia region would be overturned.

The National League for Democracy, the National League for Democracy, led by Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi, took the policing as unlawful and demanded the establishment of a fact-finding commission: At a periodic meeting in Washington, US State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki denounced the use of violence against the students.

"The European Union demanded a formality of inquiry, and added that it was "deeply concerned" about the event; Human Rights Watch also asked Myanmar to stop its suppression of protest by Myanmar and " investigating officials in charge of the use of excessively violent acts against demonstrators"; "the brutal beatings by civilian policemen and violent men by civilians mark an unsightly comeback to the road raids of human rights watch", said Brad Adams, Asia-Director for Human Rights Watch.

"Protesters are calling on the group of hundred college kids to join a walk from Mandalay to get to Yangon, Myanmar's capital. However, the walk was halted by policemen on 2 März in the town of Letpadan, about 130 kilometres northern of Yangon, according to student reports that the government's educational reforms bill will centralise scrutiny of Myanmar's university.

However, pro-democracy campaigners say they believe they are experiencing a comeback to old Burma, where army leaders are banning freedom of expression and taking violent action against protes.

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