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Radio, news and current affairs in English. From a citizen of Myanmar. The GOOD king all People is a tired, good VOA radio. VOA headline should read instead: " The warnings to the radio stations sound like a threat.

Myanmar Radio (VOA) timetable and frequency

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Korea and Myanmar: Different ways - Andray Abrahamian

Nordkorea and Myanmar (Burma) are the most enigmatic and tragical tales in Asia. Burma was threatened internally: rebel groups collided with the Burmese authorities and with each other. North Korea was external: an enemy super power - the United States - and a much more effective competitor - South Korea - occupies half of the Korea-Penninsula. In the course of the years Myanmar conquered its foes and gave it room to investigate a kind of democratisation and open-mindedness that has lead to re-integration into the world.

Meanwhile, North Korea's regimes believe that its atomic weapons stockpile - the main cause for their paria state - is essential for the country's continued existence.

Myanmar agrees to Air VOA programs

English tutorials will soon be broadcast on Burma's state radio under the conditions of a groundbreaking deal made in the nation's capitol Naypyitaw on Tuesday. In the course of his trip, Ensor also had discussions with Information Minister Kyaw San, who called for better accessibility to the land, as well as the issuance of multi-pass visa for VOA-reports.

"The ability to deliver first-hand eye-witness accounts to our audiences has now become more important given the speed of transformation in the country," said VOA Burma Service Chief Than Lwin Htun. We appreciate the effort to improve information accessibility for the Myanmar people," said Michael Lynton, chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which supervises the VOA.

Burma, which was re-named Myanmar by Burmese army leaders in 1988 after the repression of pro-democracy protest, has been liberalised since the end of last year. Voice-of-America's Burmese Service, which provides radio, TV, Internet as well as wireless platform content, has recently upgraded its TV program guide and offers a large selection of English-language tutorials and Podcasts.

As part of the deal signing on Tuesday, Burma's radio coverage will broadcast VOA's four-minute match reports three days a week (see: http://learningenglish.voanews.com/podcast.html).

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