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Burmese is one of the 45 language programs of the Voice of America in Washington, DC, which broadcasts daily radio and Internet news. Burma to hear his reaction to the award in the live radio broadcast of VOA. The VOA reported on Myanmar radio and television, better known as MRTV. From a citizen of Myanmar. The GOOD king all People is a tired, good VOA radio.

Voice-of-America opens office in Burma

Voice of America's Burma Public Relations Department (VOA) has consented to open an agency in Burma and divide programming with state channels in the near-term. Voice of America's Burma Public Relations Department (VOA) has consented to open an agency in Burma and divide programming with state channels in the near-term.

Broadcasting such as VOA and exiled burma groups may open Burma office next months after a new legislation has been passed, information minister Kyaw Hsan said when he spoke with David Ensor, head of the VOA (Burmese Service). Ms Kyaw Hsan stressed that the opening of office space will not be possible immediately because the Act has not yet been passed, but it should come into force no later than July or August, Ensor said on Wednesday in a VOA-show.

A treaty was concluded between the Department of Information and the VOA so that VOA working for the journalist can easily obtain and leave multiple-entry travel permits from Burma. At present, only five days' travel permits are available for reporters working for radio and television companies such as VOA and exile groups. Meanwhile, the Department also approved to channel some VOA programmes in Burma on the state Myanmar radio and television, better known as MRTV, the VOA said.

The Xinhua news service reports that Kyaw Hsan and Ensor are signing a MOU of Understanding to support MRTV staff in improving their technological capabilities. This unparalleled collaboration between the Ministry of Information and the VOA took the audience by surprise - the VOA was described by Burma's state press under the former Burmese army junt.

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The Voice of America website had five English-language programmes (worldwide, Special Englisch, Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Tibet) from 2014. In addition, there are 42 different version on the VOA website (radio programmes are indicated with an star; TV programmes with a plus sign):

Prior to the Japan assault on Pearl Harbor, the US government's Office of the Coordinator of Information (COI, Washington) had already started to make available to US short-wave radio broadcasters military news and comments, which they could use on a volunteer base via their Foreign Information Service (FIS, New York) under the direction of dramatist Robert E. Sherwood, who acted as a speechwriter and information adviser to Pr. Roosevelt.

In December 1941, one weeks after the United States entered the Second World War, the first English language transmission of the program from the FIS San Francisco offices to the Philippines via a rented General Electric station (more language versions followed). The next stage was the German webcast of" Stimmen aus Amerika ", which was broadcasted on February 1, 1942.

"Today and every single Sabbath we' re going to discuss the battle with you from America..... It can be good or evil for us - we will always tell you the same. Sherwood was the one who coined the word "The Voice of America" to describe the short-wave net that was broadcast from 270 Madison Avenue in New York City on February 1.

In the next few years, the US administration discussed the best part of Voice of America. Voice of America in 1952 set up a recording room and relays on board a rebuilt U.S. Coast Guard editor, named Courier, targeted by the Soviet Union and other members of the Warsaw Pact. Initially, the Courier was to be the first in a crew of portable radio vessels (see Offshore-Radio) to build on the experiences of the U.S. Navy during the Second World War in using battleships as swimming transmitting transmitters.

But the courier finally anchored off the Isle of Rhodes with the approval of the Hellenic authorities so as not to be labelled as a radio station for pirates. This courier trained a number of marine engineering graduates who later worked on several of Europe's off-shore commercials in the 1950' and 1960'.

In the 1960' and 1970', VOA reported some of the most important news of that time, among them Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" address and Neil Armstrong's first stroll on the Northwest. VOA also set up a TV broadcasting company in the 1980', as well as specific local channels for Cuba, Radio Martí and TV Martí.

VOA began airing to Afghanistan in Dari and Passito in September 1980 in 1982. VOA Europe was founded in 1985 as a dedicated English language services, which was transmitted via satellites to AM, FM and cabling companies throughout Europe. In a modern repertory featuring deejays, the net presented top tunes, VOA news and locally interesting functions (e.g. "EuroFax") around the clock.

The VOA Europe was shut down in January 1997 without prior notification as a means of reducing costs. VOA1 (a re-branding of VOA Music Mix) has been available since November 1, 2014. By 1989, Voice of America extended its Mandarin and Canonese program to include the Tiananmen Square protest to target the Chinese and provide the nation with accurate information about the pro-democracy movements within the state.

From 1990, the USA began to consolidate its global programming activities with the creation of the Bureau of Broadcasting. 3. The dissolution of the Sovjet block in Eastern Europe added many extra linguistic features to VOA to reach this area. President Clinton ratified the loi Internationale Rundfunkgesetz in 1994. With this Act, the U.S. Information Agency formed the U.S. broadcast bureau and set up the supervisory board of governors.

Voice of America was the first[35] radio and news organisation to provide continually updating programmes on the web in 1994. In 2002, the Arab Radio Network was discontinued and superseded by a new radio station, the Mid-East Radio Network or Radio Sawa, with an original $22 million in funding. The Sawa Radio mainly provided West and Oriental folk music with regular short news.

Voice-of-America's ubiquitous main news-room employs literally a hundred reporters and tens of full-time national and international correspondent agents who are employed by the U.S. federal administration or hired service providers. In addition, there are literally 100 contractual correspondent and stringer from all over the globe who submit in English or in one of VOA's other radio and TV programming communities.

At the end of 2005, VOA moved some of its key intelligence services to Hong Kong, where contract authors worked from a "virtual" agency with colleagues on the night shifts in Washington, D.C., but this activity was discontinued in early 2008. Until December 2014, the number of channels and frequency used by VOA was significantly slashed.

The VOA continues to use short-wave transmission to reach some areas in Africa and Asia. Short-wave programmes continue to take place in these languages: The VOA Radiogram was an innovative Voice of America programme that began transmitting text and pictures via short wave radio. Most of the sound for each 30-minute programme was broadcast via an analogue sender and could be streamed using a simple AM short-wave radio with Fldigi range free to download free to use.

VOA Radiogram's most common modus was VOA Radiogram's VOA Radiogram modus FFSK32, but other modus were sometimes used. 1996 the USA's radio coverage was 992 lessons per week from VOA, 667 lessons from Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty and 162 lessons from Radio Marti. Borchers, Callum (January 26, 2017).

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