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Where do you know the current situation in Myanmar? The VOA beat them in the presentation of a translated version. You can read reviews, compare customer reviews, see screenshots and learn more about VOA. The report was prepared in collaboration with the Burmese Service VOA. The Myanmar military leaders who are guilty of "crimes against humanity":

The Myanmar Police Whistleblower testifies that his imprisonment was a wake.

A detained Myanmar officer on Wednesday provided further information in the courtroom about how two Reuters reporters were reportedly set up by the media, a case that has become a crucial test of media freedoms in South East Asia. Captain Moe Yan Naing, sentenced to one year in prison for breach of the law on disciplinary measures, said his punishment was designed to frighten all other officials considering speaking the Truth.

They reported in detail how a policeman reportedly ordered a subordinate to give "secret" papers to two journalists accused of possession of state confidentiality. Wednesday's report by Moe Yan Naing comes after his first report on April 20 when he said that his coworkers were helping to framework the newsmen.

Than Zaw Aung, Moe Yan Naing's attorney, said VOA Burmese that his lawyers staff was heartened by Wednesday's statement. It was his statement that raised hopes that reporter Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo would be cleared of the charges, which can be punished with up to 14 years in jail. Reports of the United Nations having ordered the removal of 700,000 Rohingya Muslims to neighbouring Bangladesh over the past eight month had been reported on Myanmar's Rakhine state.

As the Myanmar administration disputes, the United Nations, the United States and the United Kingdom have condemned this action as an act of ethnical purification. In December, when the journalists were apprehended, they investigated an inquiry into the murders of 10 Muslim Rohingya men and young men that took place during the suppression. In March, the United Nations issued a $951 million call to help the Rohingya migrants for the rest of 2018, but the UN said in late April that it was only 9 per cent financed.

Burma Visa on Arrival - VOA - Burma Travel Information

The new Myanmar eVisa is here! Yes, Myanmar is getting faster and faster and you can request and purchase your eVisa now. Burma VOA new (Visa on Arrival) is no longer an optional extra for people. If your home is not on the authorized listing, other possibilities are through an Embassy or Visaservice in your state.

While you could be saving some cash by going through the Myanmar consulate in Washington D.C., it could be more complicated and lengthy. Bangkok Myanmar visa must be scheduled. Usually it lasts two working nights, and the dispatch is open on both Thai and Myanmar public holiday, of which there are many!

A daily airfare is only possible if you have your RT airfare to Myanmar for the next morning. Passports must be in force at least (6) month after your arrival in Myanmar. Please be aware that you must present a copy of your e-ticket travel to and from Myanmar with your request.

This is your brief trip from Bangkok to Yangon for most aviators. A number of carriers serve this leg every day, among them Thai Airways, Air Asia and Bangkok Airways. For more information see Airline companies. Thailand 30-day traveler passes are issued free of cost to most residents of most of the world, the United States and Canada included, upon arriving in Bangkok.

We strongly recommend a health insurance policy for your trip, which includes first aid assistance. but if anything serious happens, you'll want to be evicted to Bangkok. The HTH has contracts with first-class Bangkok clinics, and there are no leaps through tires. Immunizations are currently not necessary for trips to Myanmar unless you are travelling from an activated yellowberry area.

Antimalarial medications are taken by some travellers to Myanmar, and if you are travelling to distant areas, you should ask your physician about their effectiveness and side effect. Guests should not be wearing short, tanktop, mini skirt or other tight dress when they visit Myanmar Magodas and cloisters. A way to wrap lights is to buy superlight travelling gear from ExOfficio, REI and others.

Burma is generally quite secure, but you don't want to take the chance of a pass falling out of your purse or a tough break with a uncommon Yangon thief. Notice that it can get cool in the early hours and that early in the day boating on Lake Inle is quite cool. Clock with a trustworthy alert; A general-purpose connector adaptor; A good cap to keep out the direct light; Sunblocker; Insect repellant; Banded glasses; Clothesline; Listerine sprays generously used to prevent a long chill during a long trip; Small torch with LEDs; Toilet-sized items in travel sizes; Antibiotics-creme.

At the end of 2012, the first ATMs were introduced in Myanmar and are becoming more numerous. In Myanmar, general charge and Travelers Checks cannot be used for shopping or exchanges (with a few exclusions in high-end dining, hotel, antique and gem shops). Collect your BEFORE your entry to Myanmar. They are still not acceptable in Myanmar because the show is fake.

Myanmar's main source of income is the Kyoto people. It is not necessary to exchange large funds in Kyoto, as most places serving tourist also accepts payments in US dollars. Also, the largest bill of Kyat is 5000, or about $5, for walks for cash, small shopping, gratuities, taxis, trickshaws, monastic offerings and so on.

It'?ll take them the whole remainder of the morning to carry around giant bags of Kyat! Although not mandatory, gratuities have become the standard in Myanmar's tourism sector. You have the right to choose the tip and the amount according to the level of services provided. Your friendly and wonderful Myanmar tour operator, we take good charge of the carriers of the airport, but you take over!

Rider: $3 - $5 or Kyat equivalents per man per day at the end of the daily or at the end of on-call time. Ward Guides - For group guided visits $3 to $5 per night and per adult at the end of the tour. From $10 - $20 per tour per night, according to how generously their services were.

Potters Hotel: $1 or 1,000 Kiev notes (pronounced "chet"). One $1 or 1,000 Kayat bill for a little additional services right now is all right. Waiting staff: $1 or 1,000 kyats per dinner is okay, there can be multiple server. This is not for a few fast pictures, but if you have someone who models for you, bid at least 1,000 Kie.

Now your cell is working in Myanmar! Customers can also hire CDMA 450 & 800 MHz cell telephones with pre-paid calling-card. This pre-paid calling card is for travelers who want to visit Myanmar and stay in contact with relatives and other people. Ponder buying data for your cell and use it as your own hot spot for better services.

Myanmar has many great locals. Burma is also known for its valuable gemstones, especially ruby (pigeon blood) and jetty (imperial jade). Printfilms are still available in Myanmar, but it is very hard to find top of the range movies (like slides ) and it is better to have your own.

For more information, see Photo Tours of Myanmar. Like many other parts of Southeast Asia, Myanmar has three distinct season. PLEASE NOTE: Myanmar is located in the north of the country, so the winters are from November to February, with the coldest periods being December and January. Beijing, Kunming, Calcutta, Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Dhaka, Taipei, Guangzhou, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Doha, Hanoi, Hong Kong and Ho Chi Minh City.

At the moment the following carriers are flying to Myanmar: Thailand Airways, Singapore Airways, Bangkok Airways, Air Asia, Myanmar Airways Internacional, Malaysia Air, Silk Air, Air China, China Eastern, Mandarin Airline, Biman Bangladesh Airline, Indian Alignm., Vietnam Airways, Qatar Airways. As a lot of multi-flight connections over several timezones still reach Bangkok later in the day, you may have to allow for the next day to get to Yangon.

Alternatively, you can either reserve an apartment at an international destination or arrange to stay at the Yangon International Air Base for several hrs before your trip. There are 5 German carriers we use: Yadanarpon Airways, Air Bagan, Air Mandalay, Asian Wings and KBZ. Each of these carriers flies French-Italian ATR turbo-prop aircraft (Avions de Transports Régionaux), a aircraft that is well adapted to suit your area' s circumstances, airfields and distance.

You will see the visas on your right before you reach the migration office. After or for anyone else, line up at the Immigrant desks with your completed Arrivals and Passports with visas. Please be aware that objects with a value and value in excess of $2000 US dollars are to be declare and taken back on your departures, but in reality it is made quite simple for touristfind.

Please also be aware that cell phone and laptop computers are no longer stored upon your arrivals, as is still stated in some travel guides. Please note: It is now recommended to exchange your cash at the airfield, as the prices are the same as in the city. The Myanmar uses 220V and a mix of 2-pole shallow, round 2-pole or 3-pole sockets.

The Bogyoke Market (Scott Market) is not open on Monday, bank holiday and full Monday (like all Myanmar markets). Myanmar's official tongue is Myanmar, of which over 80 different languages are used. Their cell telephones do not work in Myanmar, however, as the state has no routing arrangements.

You can buy prepaid telephones once in Myanmar if necessary. Burma is 6h 30 mins before GMT in winters and 5h 30 mins in summers: Bangkok is 30 mins behind Myanmar: 1500 in Bangkok = 1430 in Myanmar. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about Myanmar.

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