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Burma is one of the worst countries in human trafficking

Myanmar has become a member of the Chinese, Russian, Southern Sudan, Syrian, Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and others as the world's leading perpetrators of slave trade and hard labour. However, the Foreign Ministry has also acknowledged 10 of them who have devoted their life to ending the plague of contemporary enslavement.

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Myanmar officers had a difficult negotiation process in Thailand and Malaysia. A working trip to neighbouring Thailand and Malaysia will have a rather rough confiscation of a particular confiscation scheme ?????????????. Faced with a shortage of coercive confiscation evidences, they want to go back to their houses, the Myanmar immigrant laborers in their own country, trade union leaders are united.

Verbatim ??????? Recognition of a Routem to Neighbouring Nations 0 0 routs already worked in June and July abroad by migrants in Malaysia and Thailand Both of them are quite large numbers of working detainees who live in Myanmar Difficult. Thailand to introduce new regulations for immigrant laborers in Thailand on June 20, a specific program in collaboration with the Thai authorities, which the Thai work difficulty, exactly 120 working day from the legislative effect was exposed.

Meanwhile, the present laborers in the law enforcement agencies allow strong proof s of returning to the home country across the various frontiers, the problem of migrants leaving Thailand, and the labour officers will resolve the officers after strengthening the Myanmar-Thai frontier Slick Moe Aung Khine said VOA. Burma ministries and then a link to our website when 0, Deputy Director General U Htay 0 MPs themselves do.

When you get the feeling that 2 h 9 h and the discussion the messenger was cited, as said, ambassadors with directions on what to do when he returns to the meet, and we probably do best to connect with the Ministry of 0.

A lot of Thai camp sites are reopening. "It is possible, as our message has said, if ??????????????? 2 Meeting. A further zero for teammates. Soon, also to them to continue, We have already talked to give the command.

" nationwide, to include the capital of Malaysia Kuala Lumpur on July 1 plan on clandestine alien laborers on Saturday arrest the country, many hundred were imprisoned. The Myanmar embassy in Malaysia said it would provide legal proof to employees necessary to help the imprisoned operatives. The Myanmar Embassy in Malaysia with HR Officers has helped Malaysia Thiha Maung Maung to assess the present state of affairs in Myanmar, Malaysia ???????????????.

"The first July 1035 edition has 105 ?????????. There countrywide Kuala Lumpur, and the remainder of it does not build in all other places, wide spread news do, especially 0 contains the census. Those currently detained in the bureau, I could not help his detention his statute forces a periodic here when I send messages to courts, Once they are established sentences ??????? 3 month max 3 months?.

Now, since you are a jail can check our message and that messages already sent e-card, they are sending a certain amount of time has elapsed and as such, the problem is mainly exhibited on the messages.

Migrants in Malaysia and Thailand are still ???????? to process legal proof between certain schemes and enforce their stringent labour legislation, while important ?????????????? are still working while in their nationalities.

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