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Here you can find current and old versions. Irish (English version), English (Burmese version). The DVB Multimedia Group is an independent Burmese news organization based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. This is an interview with Priscilla Clapp - Former Charge D' Affaires of Burma (English version). OF THE STALEMATE.

Thane Shwe: Demasking Burmese tyrant - Benedict Rogers

The Than Shwe is one of the world's most infamous diktators, who presides over a country that continues to oppress and brutalize its own population. Thane Shwe: The Than Shwe is a bully, and bullies do not bargain over their own doom. If you think this is still possible, you should have a look at this book: Bertil Lintner, writer of Burma in Revolt.

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Fascist karaoke: Myanmar and the politics of fear - Monique Skidmore

Drawing on Monique Skidmore's experience in the Burmese capitol Rangoon, karaoke fascism is the first ethnographic study of anxiety in Burma and offers a disillusioning look at the Burmese people's mental policies to live under a Burmese army regime that wants to conquer and rule every facet of the world.

SKIDMOR looks at the economics and policy of anxiety under the SLORC and SPDC regime.

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