Voa Burmese tv Magazine today

Burmese Voa tv Magazine today

The VOA adds more news to its Burmese language news magazine. Tonight I'm making an American breakfast with my friend Melissa. The KNU Expect Inclusive Peace Talk (VOA Burmese). Apps, News & Magazines.

TV reporting in Burma strengthened by VOA

Burma's half-hour television show, which was broadcast once a week, will now receive an up-to-date executive summing up of the latest headlines six times a week. 2. The VOA adds more messages to its Burmese newsmagazine. From Tuesday at 7:00 a.m. Eastern European Eastern European Standard Opening hours, the half-hour show will begin with a new combination of the latest regional and global trends every day.

Featured once a weekly, the programme will now have an up-to-date headline abstract six times a week. Here's how it works. The programme is rounded off by coverage of American history and policy and the latest in scientific and technological developments.

VOA's Burmese website received around 26% higher visitor numbers in August last year after the Burmese authorities decided to remove web access limitations. Burma service chief Than Lwin Htun says that the number of visitors to VOA Burmese speaking online communities, which includes Youtube and Twitter, has also risen. The Burmese service of VOA is broadcasting via wireless, television, web, cell phone and seo.

More information about VOA or one of its voice telephony solutions can be found at www.voanews.com.

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