Voa Burmese today 2016

Burmese Voa today 2016

Burmese TV News, May 28, 2017. Just 1 click to see the Burmese news. VOA Burmese News apk 2. Click 1 to see the video news in Burmese from VOA. MacDonald'17 during Washington Redskins 2016 training camp.

Humanitarian award for VOA journalist from Burma

Twenty-year-old Voice of America Burma ministry vet was awarded the Prachabdi Human Rights and Charitable Effort Awards by Thailand's Thai kings this monday. VOA Myanmar Aye Aye Mar, a female stripper living in Thailand, was awarded by Queen Soamsawali of Thailand herself on December 9th in Bangkok.

On the occasion of the International Day of Human Rights, the Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security organised the meeting. "The assessment panel has meticulously chosen those who have devoted their life to the promotion of human rights and human rights effort, especially those who have worked with marginalised ethnical communities," Surapong Kongchantuk, a member of the selection commission of the Thai Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, said to VOA.

Mar has been supporting migrant and refugees, exile leaders and political parties in Maesot, Thailand for more than two centuries. He also formed SAW (Social Action for Women), a non-profit organisation that is helping Myanmar's immigrant workers' kids to get a higher level of training in Thailand. Not only does Aye Aye Mar run an HIV/AIDS victim centre, but also a Maesot immigrant child shelter.

Their volunteering, engagement and persistence in assisting those in need have been recognised by Burma's charitable groups around the globe. Every weeks million of Myanmarese hear the latest headlines from Myanmar, Southeast Asia, the USA and the rest of the globe.

The VOA Burma TV and broadcast contains in-depth interviewing of journalists and professionals who relate regional and international affairs and inform the public about important topics of the event. Members of the public are also involved with VOA Myanmar via Facebook and via well-liked call-in programmes.

Burmese Service Reporters convicted

Mandalay's Chanmyathazi Township Courts found Nay Myo Lin, 40, a Burmese citizen and stringers for the BBC's Burmese service, to have been convicted of attacking a policeman on duty. 2. This indictment is on the basis of videotapes and eye-witness reports of a brief clash between Lin and the army commander that developed when the policemen obstructed the path of an educational reforms walk in late 15205-.

An on-line posting of a tape shows an outbreak of a fight after Lin saw the officers pushing a man off a bike in the midst of a convoy of cars. "It' s not at all unfair to accuse me under Section 332 after they ignored the fact that[the policeman] took down the motorcycle[of a demonstrator] and everyone saw the incident," Lin said in reply to Monday's sentence, which followed more than a year in custody.

According to Lin, the policemen have been careless, which has led to a large number of detentions. The Irrawaddy Online reports that policemen are trying to stop the demonstrators on motorcycles, which "crashed several riders". Lin's defender, Thein Than Oo, said to VOA Burmese that the verdict is too tough and shows that the new civil administration has not resulted in a substantial amendment of the Myanmar trial, also known as Burma.

The Myanmar Ministry of the Interior, which is directly under the control of the military, monitors both the law enforcement and the justice system. Manufactured in cooperation with the Burmese Service of VOA.

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