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Live-Breaking News online! Neues Mandala, Voice of America (VOA), BBC News Radio, . The programs can also be heard online at www.voanews.com/burmese.

Weekly questions and answers by Radio Free Asia with Aung San Suu Kyi. The VOA plans to continue cross-border cooperation with.

Agreements to bring VOA programs on Sky Net satellite television to Burma

Following a groundbreaking arrangement between the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the U.S. federal administration in charge of VOA, and Sky Net, a local DTH service company, Burmese viewers will soon have a new opportunity to see Voice of America's TV channels. On Thursday in Rangoon, Voice of America President David Ensor and Daw Myint Myint Win, CEO of Shwe Than Lwin Media Co.

Myanmar civil servants and Victor Ashe, member of the BBG administrative council, participated in the meeting. The US ambassador to Burma Derek Mitchell said it was "a point of advancement in the evolution of a wealthy multimedia culture". "As part of the deal, Sky Net will broadcast BBG contents, beginning with a new VOA Asia TV station that will offer Burmese related messages and educational, information and entertaining programmes in Anglo-Saxon.

This line-up comprises some of the most watched VOA programmes as well as scientific programmes and the English-language On Assignment newsletter, which presents VOA reports from around the globe and allows reporters to report on their practical work. The VOA Director Ensor expressed his thanks to the Burmese authorities, BBG officers and Sky Net for their support in organizing a "historic event".

Ashe, along with his board colleagues Susan McCue and Michael Meehan and Radio Free Asia President Libby Liu, travelled to Burma with a group of online technology professionals to help Burma expand its global business relations. "BBG, RFA and VOA leaders are dedicated to help the Burmese population open free press during this historical period of democracy transition," the BBG mission said in a declaration.

"Following the historical visits of President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton last months, BBG executives and local employees have been in talks with representatives of governments, democratic leader Aung San Suu Kyi, press corporations and Burmese people seeking to increase the free information flowing within Burma.

Today's signature is another important milestone in reaching more Burmese citizens via SAT-TV. "VOA transmits 25 radio and 3 TV broadcastings per weeks to Burma, while RFA offers 21 radio and 2 TV broadcastings. Five-hour TV with information in seven ethnical tongues in-between Burmese.

Recent Gallup research shows that U.S. civil stations are reaching 21% of Burma's 15 and older every Wednesday in all language, platform and programming. Early this year, Voice of America entered into an arrangement to allow Burmese state radio and TV to broadcast VOA English educational programmes.

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