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See TV Channels See Radio Channels. VOA access alternatives. Burmese citizens of ASEAN are entitled to use the Burmese visa upon entry. They' re getting their messages from the radio. DVB and VOA do not broadcast legally under Burmese law.

USA Overseas Information Programs

The secretary is empowered, if he deems it appropriate, to ensure the provision and distribution of information about the United States, its population and its policy through the written and oral communication channels of the written and oral communication, as well as through information centres and trainers abroad. It is my firm belief that education exchanges are an important contribution to global harmony.

My family has been affected by two major civil conflicts due to failure in people. TitleOverseas Information Programs of the United States :

VOA Burmese News, Night 09 June 2018

Every single mornin', we pledge to bring you the latest updates in the language of Burma. Every weekday we are uploading new video clips, even on weekends. OOA - three days a week. 7-6AM (Monring), 6:30AM-7PM (evening), 9-10PM (night) RFA - three x d. 7-8 o'clock (morning), 19-20 o'clock (we named it evening), 21-22 o'clock (night) TV programs - EVERY NACHT ALSO ON THE SOUNDAY!

The contents are used exclusively for research/reviewing/reporting and education missions. We are committed to "Consistently Sharing" our YouTube channel:

When Lwin Htun | TechnCamp

Lwin Htun, Chief, VOA Burmese Service, came to VOA Burmese Service in 2004 to manage the effort to make the service a full-fledged multi-media messaging channel. Burmese VOA now has three hour a day wireless channels and 30 minute a day TV programmes broadcasted from Washington D.C. It also features a much-loved Facebook page with more than three million people.

Mr Lwin departed Burma in 1988 following the suppression of pro-democracy wars. He began his journalistic work in 1991 at the BBC Myanmar Service in London. In a two-year BBC political session between 2002 and 2004, Lwin worked with Thailand's Internews NGO to build Burma's first academy of media education and train more than 200 Myanmar and ethnical reporters.

Mr. Lwin has a B.Sc. in Microbiology from the University of North London and a M.Sc. in Social Policy and Economics from the London School of Economics (LSE).

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