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Burma Voa News Update today

Transcription of the VOA Burmese Service Interviews with Madeleine Albright RIANGOON - Burmese service secretary Kyaw Kyaw Thein spoke to former Foreign Minister Madeleine Albright in Rangoon on June 4. It was her first visit to Burma since 1995 and she gave a talk at Rangoon University. There' s a copy of the address below. ALBRIGHT: "I think they are on the right track.

However, I am optimistic and the feeling I got from all the different groups I have spoken to was while they see issues, they also try to find answers and ways to find ways to teach them from their own faults, but also samples from other nations, so I think they are on the right path.

There is a very, very big gulf between the wealthy and the impoverished, and human beings have aspirations, and therefore they must find out and fulfil those expectations." ALBRIGHT: "Thank you."

From VOA Burmese TV News, October 04, 2017

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These speeches were interpreted by the Burmese Service of the VOA reporters Show Ei Tun. So we can do what we want.... we know what the humans want. When I spoke to youngsters, I said several times that I don't believe in something like clever or boring or good or poor and I just believe in being learnable or not.

Our men are trainable, I believe. There are many things I know a lot of questioning. It is not possible to convince men by simply saying to them that we will do something that is not possible.

You can' t sit around waiting for other guys to make things for us. And I know you come here with faith and a little help. I would like the nations to give us help and guidance and point out when there is a problem. Can I make a plea to the Burmese population? However, it is very important to develop mutual comprehension.

Use this to develop mutual comprehension and oneness. Whoa....... a lot of folks use cell now. This was my first opportunity to use such a telephone. In the last 6.7 years I want to know what was in people's minds, what was changing in their minds?

All right, I wanna go see these guys. When I speak for so long, they get sleepy, too. However, if there is people's involvement, confidence and assistance, our endeavours will be more vigorous. I' m going to work with the grass-roots work. I' ll work with others, I' ll work with our compatriots and with our compatriots all over the globe, who are supporting us with a sincere heart.

The Burmese must be brave every morning to evening. It is important that we use our bravery efficiently for the benefit of the population and the land, not only for ourselves or our own families. It'?s not just who comes here and supports us. To do this we need the power and help of the population.

No matter what we do or what we choose, we let people know. The people must be surrounded by these endeavours. We must tell the people, tell them. Sometimes there can be problems where people disagree with what we do. It will have to be done, explained in order to gain confidence and comprehension from the people, not the same as when we try to get voices from the people.

We will keep working by getting confidence, comprehension and help from the people. Meanwhile, we want to get as much as possible from the people. As we listen to people, we will determine how to proceed with our work. But, as I said, we will work with the people' s help and we will work with all groups seeking democratisation to bring about our country' s domestic unity.

We will work towards achieving the goal of reconciling nations in order to inflict as little suffering as possible on their people. We will do our best to find ways to do the least harm to people. I would ask you in anticipation to stay patient if there is any suffering for the people.

to be on the right side. Said he dared to face his own consciousness. I am standing before my moral tribunal every day to be tried. Likewise our fellows should be tested and tested in front of your consciousness every day.

Let us test the sense of respect, comprehension and good-heartedness of our nations here. Those folks over there are screaming because they can't listen well. The ASSK symbol reads: "I also adore the people".

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