Voa Burmese News today 2015

Burmese Voa news today 2015

This is your source for reliable news and expert analysis on news and current topics in Cambodia. Burmese News 2. 0 for Android 2.3. Sadly, the most accurate and unbiased source of news is now the state-owned American Voice of America.

XRF Burmese News (video) 5. December 0 / 17, 2015.

The VOA reports on historic elections in Myanmar, Social Media Surges 7 million

During Myanmar's historical parliamentary election on 8 November, the Burmese VOA service monitored the election through its local reporter in Yangon and elsewhere. VOA Burmese SPD's range rose to 7.4 million and the number of engagements reached 1.4 million from November 4 to 10. Myanmar's election is the first in the state since the introduction of a quasi-civilian administration in 2011.

Aung San Suu Kyi's Oppositional National League for Democracy has won the parliamentary elections and is already getting greetings from the country's leader. NLD passed the 329 seater mark to rule the country's legislature and elect the next presidency.

NLD spokesperson Win Htein said VOA Burmese has enough chairs to appoint two vice-presidents who have the opportunity to vote for the new presidency. "Once the NLD is able to build a new administration, top priority will be given to achieving a nationwide consensus, constitutional change and peace with minority communities, as well as the question of the prisoner of conscience," he said.

The VOA Burmese began reporting on the elections in Myanmar on September 27 and is operating an extended TV and broadcast program until December 4. TV programmes have extended one lesson by 30 min. and radios by 30 min. to three more. VOA's reporting includes policy profile, electoral training programmes and specialist interviewing in day-to-day reporting.

The voices from all over Myanmar are dripping in. Things were not perfect," Mark Green, President of the International Republican Institute, said to VOA Burma Yangon Bureau Chief Khin Soe Win. However, the objective for the monitors was relatively free and free election, and the authorities have pledged that the results will be respected.

One of Burma's most sought-after global channels, VOA Burmese is targeting its audiences via short-wave and AM broadcasting, television, the Web and cell phones, with a mix of local, global and American news. The VOA Burmese reach over 3 million grown-ups a week. Nine out of ten listeners a week find their news and information reliable and believe that their comprehension of recent news has improved thanks to VOA Burmese.

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